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Loren & Matty

Our lives have been forever changed in the most profound way by the gift of adoption and we're more than ready to take this incredible journey again! Our hearts are wide open with abundant love and joy to share with another child, and hope our paths are crossing for this blessed reason. We would be honored to tell you a little about who we are and the family we have become.

About Us

Firefighter (Former Teacher)
Senior Marketing Writer (Works From Home)
Master's Degree in Education
Bachelor's Degree in Communications
Legally Married

Adoption in Our Lives

There's a New Mouse in Town

There is an ancient Chinese belief that an invisible, unbreakable red thread connects all those who are destined to be together. And we know this to be true, for our adoption story was written on our hearts long before we tried having children. We both have cousins who were adopted and we never considered them any different than us. They are loved and accepted unconditionally just like every other family member. It’s incredible to think that even back then God had planted a seed that would one day forever change the course of our lives.

When we adopted our sweet son, it was as if the floodgates of our souls had opened up, and only then did we fully realize our capacity to love. Adoption has brought us the deepest possible joy, but also an enormous responsibility to help our son reach his unique potential and live a happy and fulfilled life. The bond we share with him could not possibly be any stronger, and we know it will be every bit as magical with another child whose red thread has been pulling on our hearts. The day we find each other, we will be forever connected and the circle of love that is our family will be complete.

Fun Facts About Us:

Our Wedding

About Loren:

  • Thinks he can beat box.
  • Saved a chicken in a house fire. You can't make this stuff up!
  • Is a former elementary school teacher and football coach.
  • Wore a kilt for our wedding in Scotland.
  • Puts hot sauce on pretty much everything. Even potato chips.
  • Had a small farm growing up in the middle of suburbia.
  • Is still the best of friends with three of his childhood buddies.
  • Sold an original painting a few years ago.
  • Could eat Mexican food every day.
  • Watched the ball drop in Times Square one New Year’s Eve.
  • About Matty:

  • Was on a dating game show and won!
  • Jumped out of a plane one birthday. Worth every heart-stopping second!
  • Backpacked through Europe by herself for two months.
  • Is a chocaholic but dark chocolate is her favorite.
  • Cuddling, watching movies & reading together are her happy time.
  • Is a small town girl who drove to California to give it a shot at acting.
  • Hopes to write a children’s book and screenplay one day.
  • Got married on a hilltop in Scotland. And yes, it rained!
  • Has a real funny bone. At least, that’s what Loren tells her.
  • Writes and eats with her left hand but does everything else with her right.
  • Cultural Diversity


    We are a transracial family and as parents, it is our responsibility to teach our children early on that in our differences there is beauty and strength. We are fortunate in that we already live in a very accepting and ethnically diverse area. On our small street alone, there are three biracial families whom we have relationships with, along with other families at our church and son’s Tae Kwon Do class. Our son regularly plays with kids of all ages, races and backgrounds, which naturally creates opportunities for discussion about acceptance and understanding of other cultures and viewpoints.

    We have already opened up the conversation about how our differences are to be honored and embraced, not judged. We’ve begun reading him books about characters who are different from one another in inspiring ways. And we will continue to honor and cultivate his (and our future child’s discovery) of their heritage at every stage of their lives.

    The world is getting smaller and people are more connected than ever before. In a lot of ways, we’re more like a beautiful mosaic than a melting pot. We are all joined by a common thread but thrive because of our unique differences, not despite them.


    Our Happy Place
    Our Happy Place
    River Dance
    River Dance
    Sillies in the Air
    Sillies in the Air
    We Found Our Wingman
    We Found Our Wingman
    Time for the Parade
    Time for the Parade
    Another Belt Under His Belt
    Another Belt Under His Belt
    Sunny Memories
    Sunny Memories
    Let the Good Times Roll
    Let the Good Times Roll
    Grateful for Everything
    Grateful for Everything
    Proud Pre-K Grad
    Proud Pre-K Grad
    Someone's Hungry
    Someone's Hungry
    1 / 12
    Our Happy Place
    Our Happy Place
    2 / 12
    River Dance
    River Dance
    3 / 12
    Sillies in the Air
    Sillies in the Air
    4 / 12
    We Found Our Wingman
    We Found Our Wingman
    5 / 12
    Time for the Parade
    Time for the Parade
    6 / 12
    Another Belt Under His Belt
    Another Belt Under His Belt
    7 / 12
    Sunny Memories
    Sunny Memories
    8 / 12
    Let the Good Times Roll
    Let the Good Times Roll
    9 / 12
    Grateful for Everything
    Grateful for Everything
    10 / 12
    Proud Pre-K Grad
    Proud Pre-K Grad
    11 / 12
    12 / 12
    Someone's Hungry
    Someone's Hungry

    Our House and Neighborhood

    Where We Hang Our Hearts

    We live in a close-knit, culturally diverse community bursting at the seams with kids of all ages. It’s the kind of place where neighbors have become family, kids play outside until dark and everyone looks out for each other. When we got the call that our son was arriving early, our neighbors jumped in and took care of everything, including our dog. They even welcomed us home with a crib and a huge party. We’re beyond blessed to have that kind of love and support!

    There’s always something happening around here, like the annual chili cook-off, 4th of July block party, Christmas parade, Halloween haunted house and numerous cultural events. In the summer, the neighborhood pool with its huge water slide and lazy river is the place to be. Our cozy home is tucked away on a lively street with three bedrooms and a large bonus room that’s our son’s playroom. Our backyard faces a peaceful creek and wooded buffer where Myrtle, our resident turtle lives.

    Our growing small town has won many awards for the best and safest place to raise children, along with top-rated schools and hospitals in the area. So whether it’s a day trip to the beach, kayaking in the nearby mountains, camping at the lake, hiking the trails or playing at the countless parks, we live in an amazing place where adventures are waiting to be had. We can just imagine your baby being a part of all of this, too!

    Our Extended Families

    Christmas Tradition

    We both grew up with tight, loving families. Loren was a self-proclaimed mama’s boy! His father (his hero) was one of 16 and Matty’s mom also grew up in a large family, so there’s a whole lot of love to go around.

    Lake Life

    Our families were over the moon when our son was born and cannot wait for another child to spoil! Family is everything to us so we make sure we get together several times a year. Annual trips with Matty’s family include a beach vacation with her parents, sisters and niece/nephews where we jet-ski, boogie board, build sandcastles and hit the boardwalk. At Christmas, we celebrate together with traditional Hungarian foods, a visit from Santa on the firetruck, and if we’re lucky to have a white one, snowball fights and sled races.

    Most of Loren’s family are out west but we see his brothers and childhood buddies often. When we visit, we make a beeline to the beach, cook out with family and friends, catch a baseball game or head to the zoo. Out this way, we mix it up with movies, whiffle ball, Carne Asada, boating on the lake and football games. Everyone is super excited to welcome your baby into our little tribe of love!

    From Us to You

    We are in awe of your bravery and amazing love for your baby and pray that you find peace no matter what you decide. Everyone has a unique story and sometimes those stories are destined to be forever entwined. And so we’d like to share ours with you.

    In our home, our spirited and big-hearted son, Briggs, dreams of becoming a big brother. He’s a natural with little ones and will be fiercely loyal to his sister or brother. He tells us how he’ll teach her or him how to ride a bike and swim -- and he even volunteered to change the stinky diapers! We are Briggs’s proud and adoring parents, Loren and Matty, and we share the same dream. We’ve been married for 15 years and it’s been an incredible ride. By far, the best part of our union was the moment we became parents. And we’re beyond excited to double our joy, love and laughter!

    We’re a flip-flop wearing, fun-loving and outdoorsy family. We love hiking the local trails, biking on our beach cruisers with neighbor kids usually in tow, kayaking, swimming, playground hopping, and our favorite -- playing at the beach. We’re also travel nuts who believe the world is a classroom where we can experience and learn about other places, people and cultures. We hope to inspire this same sense of wonder in Briggs and another child, and can already picture how much sweeter the adventures will be with four of us!

    Loren has a huge heart and a calling to serve others. He was an elementary school teacher, mentored at-risk youth, and coached basketball and high school football. He later fulfilled another of his boyhood dreams by becoming a firefighter and riding on the big red truck. Coolest dad ever in Briggs’s eyes! Loren put himself through college and graduate school while working full-time, which speaks volumes about his determination and dedication. And as much as he has to be proud of, he’ll be the first to tell you that nothing compares to his most important role as father. Loren cannot wait to share his boundless love with another child!

    Matty is a creative soul with an adventurous spirit who wears her heart on her sleeve. She loves all things movies, music, reading and gardening. Matty has such love and compassion for people and animals that Loren wants to get her an “I brake for turtles” bumper sticker! She's the kind of mom who builds Legos, duels with her little Darth Vader, and reads book after book until her voice is hoarse. Matty is a writer who works from home so she has plenty of time to spend with Briggs and a new baby. She always knew her life’s purpose was to become a mother and being blessed with another beautiful soul to love and nurture would make her life complete.

    We made it a priority to explain our son’s beautiful adoption story to him early on, and help him understand why our family of choice is so very special. That conversation remains open, honest and ongoing as he grows and has questions. Your child will also know about you and the selfless act of love you chose so that he or she could have the life you envisioned. We hope to give you comfort and peace in your decision by sharing letters and pictures of the milestones and seasons of your child’s life.

    Please know that should you choose to give us the enormous privilege and responsibility of raising your precious child, she or he will be infinitely loved and cherished. We send you lots of support, prayers and encouragement during this challenging time.

    Loren & Matty


    Matt Damon
    Robert Downey Jr.
    Scarlett Johansson
    Emma Stone
    Beluga whale
    J.K. Rowling
    Dan Brown & Dr. Seuss
    The Alchemist
    Candy Bar
    Reeses peanut buttercup
    Childhood Memory
    Friday night football under the lights
    Going to the beach every summer
    Childhood Toy
    BMX bike
    Children's Book
    A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L'Engle
    Oh, the Places You'll Go!
    Coronado Island, CA
    Prague, Czechoslovakia
    Classic Movie
    Star Wars
    To Kill a Mockingbird
    Day of Week
    Warm, gooey chocolate chip cookies
    Chocolate molten lava cake with vanilla ice cream & tons of whip cream
    Disney Movie
    Inside Out
    Dream Car
    Vintage Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40
    Vintage convertible Volkswagen bug
    Dream Job
    Professional athlete or coach
    Dream Vacation
    Disney cruise to Alaska
    Traveling the world
    Family Activity
    Movie/Game Nights
    Flower / Plant
    Form of Exercise
    Yoga, swimming and hiking
    Gardening & Decorating
    Holiday Song
    The First Noel/Mary Mary by Sarah McLachlan
    Let It Be Christmas by Alan Jackson
    Holiday Tradition
    Going in search of the perfect Christmas tree
    Baking cookies & decorating the tree together
    Ice Cream
    Chocolate Chip
    Baskin-Robbins peanut butter chocolate
    Junk Food
    Chips and queso
    Fritos or Bugles
    Leisure Activity
    Watching movies or reading
    Rolling Stone
    Country Living
    Memory with a Child
    My son meeting his Pop for the first time
    Taking our son on the Polar Express and watching the awe in his eyes
    Memory with Spouse
    New Year's Eve in Time's Square
    Getting married on a hilltop in Scotland
    Lord of the Rings Trilogy
    Dead Poet's Society
    Movie Munchie
    Movie Quote
    "There's no crying in baseball!" A League of Their Own
    Remember, George: no man is a failure who has friends. (It's a Wonderful Life)
    Movie Type
    Action adventure
    Independent & comedies
    Finding Neverland
    Sound of Music
    Musical Group
    The Fray AND Mumford and Sons
    Nursery Rhyme
    Twinkle Twinkle Little star
    Star Light, Star Bright
    Olympic Event
    Gymnastics & swimming
    Personal Hero
    My mom
    My beloved Godmother
    School of Rock
    Our Town
    Shel Silverstein
    Robert Frost
    Quality about my Spouse
    Creative, Kindhearted, Genuine
    His Sincerity & Compassion
    You Miss 100% of the Shots You Don't Take.
    Kindness Is A Language The Deaf Can Hear & The Blind Can See.
    Turkey bacon ranch
    Grilled shrimp & bacon club at Cheesecake Factory
    Jeremiah 29:11
    Psalm 46:10
    Shopping Store
    Barnes & Noble
    Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol
    Be Still (Fray)
    Sport to Play
    Sport to Watch
    College football
    Sports Star
    Tony Gwynn
    Michael Phelps
    Sports Team
    SDSU Aztecs
    The Lakers
    Subject in School
    Creative writing
    Professor X
    Thing to Cook
    Chicken parm & chocolate chip cookies
    Time of Day
    Annual Summer Beach Trip
    Strawberry Picking & Homemade Ice Cream
    TV Show
    Chicago Fire
    Fixer Upper (HGTV)
    TV Show Character
    Dustin (Stranger Things)
    Lucy (I Love Lucy)
    Type of Music
    Alternative Rock
    Folk Rock & Country
    Vacation Spot
    Atlantic coast Ireland
    Coronado Island, CA
    Video Game
    Mortal Kombat
    Wii Sports

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