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Harry & Stacie

Thank you for looking at us as potential parents and taking the time to review our profile. We have been looking to expand our family for some time now. We enjoy spending time with each other as well as with family and friends. We are anxious to begin our journey as parents and share our love with a new addition to our family.

About Us

Communication Technician
Certified Pharmacy Technician
Some College - Studied Nursing
Some College - Studied Elementary Education
Legally Married

Our Favorite Vacation Spot

We Can't Wait to Share Our Lives With a Child!

Our favorite vacation spot is Destin, Florida. We try to go every four or five years. We always stay at the same place and simply relax.

Our favorite thing is to open the door to the balcony and relax while listening to the ocean. Stacie loves reading while sitting on the balcony and usually falls asleep to the sound of the ocean. She also likes to bring a coloring book and crayons to the beach. Harry likes to play his games while simply relaxing. We also like to walk on the beach and pick up shells. We sometimes walk down to Joe's Crabshack for dinner since it is within walking distance.

It is so easy for us to relax and enjoy our vacation when we go to Destin we plan to continue to go there after the pandemic. We really look forward to going to Destin with our child one day. Harry is excited to be able to teach him or her how to swim, and Stacie can't wait to share her coloring books and crayons with a child.

Our Leisure Time

Stacie's Arts & Crafts Project

In our leisure time we like to do several different things. Stacie likes to do any type of arts and crafts projects. Last summer Stacie made a painting for our dining room. She has also made several homemade Christmas ornaments for friends and family. Stacie also likes to participates in 5Ks with her sister and has even made all of her 5K race medals into Christmas ornaments. She has recently gotten into wood burning, crochet and editing photography.

Harry's Artwork

Harry enjoys drawing and frequently submits drawings to the subreddit redditgetsdrawn. Harry also enjoys relaxing while playing video games. Also in his spare time Harry enjoys painting miniatures.

Together, we enjoy having a movie night at home with our favorite movie snacks every few weeks. We also enjoy playing outside with our dogs and taking them to the park for long walks.

Our Pets

With Beau & Riley

Pets are an important part of a family structure in our opinion. They provide companionship, unconditional love and they can be a great sounding board for any problems you need to voice to work through. Some people view pets as conveniences, but in our household each one of our pets is a part of our family and we love them just as much as if they themselves were children. Our oldest is Riley, a German shepherd mix Harry picked up off the street while he was working 12 years ago. Second is our cat Domino that Harry also found while working in the winter 10 years ago. Third is Lucy our little black cat that Stacie just couldn't leave PetsMart without! The most recent is Beau our beagle mix, who we received from some friends of ours after he wandered onto their porch and were not able to find his home. Each one has their own personality and we could go on for pages about each one. One thing I will say is that they all love each other and make up the mosaic that is our family.


Dressed Up for a Wedding
Dressed Up for a Wedding
Stacie & Her Sister After a 5K
Stacie & Her Sister After a 5K
Relaxing at Home
Relaxing at Home
Christmas at Dollywood
Christmas at Dollywood
Getting Ice Cream With Our Niece
Getting Ice Cream With Our Niece
Arts & Crafts With Our Niece
Arts & Crafts With Our Niece
At Rock City With Our Niece
At Rock City With Our Niece
Enjoying the Christmas Lights
Enjoying the Christmas Lights
Stacie's T-Shirt Quilt
Stacie's T-Shirt Quilt
Harry's Artwork
Harry's Artwork
Sneaking a Kiss
Sneaking a Kiss
Movie Time With Our Nieces
Movie Time With Our Nieces
1 / 12
Dressed Up for a Wedding
Dressed Up for a Wedding
2 / 12
Stacie & Her Sister After a 5K
Stacie & Her Sister After a 5K
3 / 12
Relaxing at Home
Relaxing at Home
4 / 12
Christmas at Dollywood
Christmas at Dollywood
5 / 12
Getting Ice Cream With Our Niece
Getting Ice Cream With Our Niece
6 / 12
Arts & Crafts With Our Niece
Arts & Crafts With Our Niece
7 / 12
At Rock City With Our Niece
At Rock City With Our Niece
8 / 12
Enjoying the Christmas Lights
Enjoying the Christmas Lights
9 / 12
Stacie's T-Shirt Quilt
Stacie's T-Shirt Quilt
10 / 12
Harry's Artwork
Harry's Artwork
11 / 12
Sneaking a Kiss
Sneaking a Kiss
12 / 12
Movie Time With Our Nieces
Movie Time With Our Nieces

Our House and Neighborhood

Our Home

e live in a small, but up and coming community in the Chattanooga area.

Our three bedroom, two bathroom home is in a large suburban neighborhood that connects to two other neighborhoods in a multifaceted community. We have a day care, elementary school and a middle school integrated into the neighborhood, so it's a very close knit community. There is also a playground not far from our house that we sometimes take our niece to when she is visiting with us. Harry works with several people from the neighborhood to help small businesses within our community.

Harry enjoys spending time downstairs in his mancave playing video games. Stacie enjoys spending time upstairs working on numerous arts and crafts projects.

Our Extended Families

Stacie & Her Sister

Family is a huge part of our lives! We both come from large families and have incredibly tight bonds with them.

Stacie has three sisters and several cousins that she grew up with along with her parents and grandparents on her family's farm. Every evening the family got together for dinner that Stacie and her grandmother would prepare and every dinner was like Thanksgiving, the family would sit down and eat together and help clean up afterwards. Stacie is very close with her sisters. She has 2 nieces that she loves very much and goes to visit whenever she can. She active in the community, and participates regularly in local 5Ks with her sister and best friend.

Spending Time With Our Nieces

Harry has one brother several cousins and multiple friends that are inclusive family. He grew up in his grandparents' home with his mother. He is very close with his family and his friends he's known since middle/high school. He grew up in a suburban neighborhood where all the neighbors would get together for holidays and BBQ's at the neighborhood pool. His friends are definitely a diverse bunch ranging from different races and backgrounds and are all a huge reason for him growing into the man he is today. Harry loves everyone he meets as if they were part of his family from the beginning and we both are so excited to welcome home another member of the family.

From Us to You

To the potential birth mothers reading this, we wish to thank you for looking through our humble profile.

We started our adventure together over twelve years ago. We met through an online site ( and when we started messaging each other things just fell into place and we knew we wanted to be together for the rest of our lives. We dated for three years before we married because we wanted to ensure that we knew for certain that we wanted to be together forever.

After we were married we knew we wanted to start a family. Life, however, decided that it was going to make it difficult and wanted to test our resolve. We knew in our hearts that we were meant for parenthood and started reviewing other avenues and here we are now. We know that we will give our child the best life that we can provide and will shower them with love and affection and we look forward to doing so and welcoming them into our loving family.

To the birth mothers considering us as potential candidates to entrust the wellbeing of your child, we are honored and truly humbled that you are considering us and we promise to give nothing less than our everything to ensure our child is raised in a loving nurturing environment.

Our families are open minded and we come from eclectic backgrounds and everyone is excited to meet our little addition. We have plenty of cousins for our child to play and bond with, niece's that can't wait to have a little cousin to play with and our neighbor’s have a cute little baby girl we can have play dates with. We are so happy you have considered us and whatever your decision we want you to know how amazing you truly are.

To our dream giver, we love you. More than words can say or describe, we love you and our happiness is nothing less than a result of your kindness and generosity as well as your indomitable will and strength. Whatever your decision as far as being in our child’s life, know that we love you with all our hearts and we will cherish the gift you have given us. We look forward to sending pictures and letters to let you know how our little one is doing and to ensure he or she is loved unconditionally. We will raise our baby with all the love our hearts and the hearts of our family can muster and they will be taken care of and made to be the happiest child and one who knows how much they are loved and appreciated. We are so excited to bring more love into our lives and we thank you from our hearts and souls for helping us to fulfill our dreams. We love you.


Harry & Stacie


Ryan Reynolds
Ryan Reynolds
Sarah Chalke
Kristen Bell
Brent Weeks
Carly Phillips
The Black Prism
Any romance mystery
Candy Bar
Cookies n Cream
Avatar the Last Airbender
Childhood Memory
My dad getting home and sword fighting my brother and I
Playing in my mamaw's yard with my sisters and cousins
Childhood Toy
Barbie's and tonka trucks
Children's Book
A Light in the Attic
How the Grinch Stole Christmas
Classic Movie
The Princess Bride
Steele Magnolias
Day of Week
Anything sweet and cold
Disney Movie
Star Wars
Beauty and the Beast
Dream Car
Honda HRV
Dream Job
Honestly I'd love to get paid to just hang out with my family
Specialty pharmacy
Dream Vacation
Family Activity
Relaxing and watching movies or gaming together
Playing video games with my sister and husband
Flower / Plant
Stargazer Lillies
I'll eat anything
Form of Exercise
Chrono Trigger
Animal crossing
Gaming/miniature painting/Art/DnD/Board Games
Any type of art's and crafts project
Holiday Song
Hey Christmas Tree
All Christmas songs
Holiday Tradition
Helping mom wrap my brother's presents
Watching The Grinch while putting up Christmas decorations
Ice Cream
Mint Chocolate Chip
Chocolate fudge brownie
Junk Food
Cheez its
Leisure Activity
Video Games
Memory with a Child
Teaching kids at my neighborhood pool how to swim and dive
Taking my niece EmmaLee to the jump park for the first time
Memory with Spouse
Our first date
When Harry gave the prize he won to a little girl at Dollywood
Lord of the Rings
Date night
Movie Munchie
Milk Duds
Movie Quote
My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father, prepare to die!
You can't sit with us!
Movie Type
Romance, action, romcom
Cry Baby
Musical Group
Israel Kamakawiwo'ole
Lady A
Nursery Rhyme
Humpty Dumpty
Olympic Event
Personal Hero
My Mom
My dad
The Play that Goes Wrong(Murder at Haversham Manor)
Shel Silverstein
Quality about my Spouse
Her Caring Nature
His ability to always make me laugh, even when I don't want to.
How the Turntables
Everything happens for a reason
A good Philly Cheesesteak
Shopping Store
Home Depot
Home Depot
A Small of Two Pieces
Sport to Play
Sport to Watch
Subject in School
Wonder Woman
Thing to Cook
Lemon Pepper Salmon
Chicken Alfredo
Time of Day
Yearly rewatch of Lord of the Rings
Doing the Dollywood 5k with my sister
TV Show
Law and Order SVU
TV Show Character
Shawn Spencer/Bruton Gaster
Olivia Benson
Type of Music
Vacation Spot
Video Game
Chrono Trigger or Zelda: A Link to the Past
Animal Crossing

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