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Who Are the Foster Children Available for Adoption in Arkansas?

Have you thought about growing your family through foster child for adoption in Arkansas? Maybe you’re wondering, “Who are Arkansas foster children available for adoption?” We want to help you find that answer and many more.    

If you’ve looked into private adoption, you probably know it comes with many benefits, such as:

  • Increased certainty
  • A shorter path to permanent adoption
  • Greater control over the process
  • The chance to adopt an infant
  • And many more

However, your method of building a family is up to you, and foster care adoption lets you provide foster kids available for adoption in Arkansas with the home and bright future they deserve.

If you still haven’t decided between private adoption and foster care adoption, please take your time. Many hopeful parents struggle with that decision. You can discuss your options with an adoption professional, and we can help with that. You can connect one of our specialists today by calling 1-800-ADOPTION or completing our online form.

This guide focuses on foster children for adoption in Arkansas: who they are, how many there are, and what special needs they have.

What Should You Know About Arkansas Foster Kids Waiting for Adoption?

Foster kids for adoption in Arkansas are just like any other kids for the most part. Every child is on a journey to define who they are destined to be. They’re growing, learning, playing, and enjoying time with friends. The only difference is that foster children waiting for adoption in Arkansas need a stable, loving permanent home.

Another characteristic that sometimes separates the average foster child for adoption in Arkansas from other kids is the that the average Arkansas kid for adoption may have experienced significant childhood trauma in the home of their biological parents. Foster care is meant to protect kids from those environments. When they are abused, neglected, or abandoned by their parents or guardians, the state has the responsibility of removing them from a dangerous situation.

How Many Children in Foster Care in Arkansas are Available for Adoption?

In the U.S. there are about 400,000 children in the foster system younger than the age of 18 at any given time. Approximately 4,500 children in foster care live in Arkansas, and about 1,000 of those kids are Arkansas foster children available for adoption.

In 2021 (the most recent year that data is available), 768 adoptions involving children in the care of the foster system were finalized in the state. That marks a decrease from the previous year in 2020.

What Are Some of the Special Needs Foster Children Up for Adoption in Arkansas Have?

Before we discuss the “special needs” of children in foster care, we must define the term in context. The widely accepted meaning of “special needs” differs in the adoption context.

Many foster kids for adoption in Arkansas fall into the “special needs” category because they are particularly difficult to place for foster care adoption professionals. It doesn’t always equate to special needs such as mental or physical disabilities.

Lots of foster children up for adoption in Arkansas belong to one or more of the “special needs” groups below. As you contemplate foster care adoption, assessing the challenges involved in caring for children with these heightened needs is wise.

Keep reading below to find out more about some of the special needs children in foster care available for adoption in Arkansas may have.

Older Children

In private domestic adoption, the adoptees are almost always infants or newborns. But if you plan to open your home to foster kids for adoption in Arkansas, you’ll likely welcome an older child. The child’s age isn’t always important, but if you’re set on adopting a baby, foster care adoption may not mesh with your goals.

At American Adoptions, roughly 99 percent of our placements involve newborns and infants. If you are exclusively interested in adopting a baby, partnering with our agency can help you achieve that goal through an efficient, ethical adoption with the shortest possible wait time. That way you can become a mom or dad more quickly.  

Most foster children available for adoption in Arkansas are older than toddler age. In fact, the national average age of a child in the care of the foster system was 7.7 years old in 2017. In Arkansas, about 43 percent of children in foster care in 2021 were under 5 years old. The median age of children adopted from foster care was 6.4 years old, and the median age for kids in foster care awaiting adoption was 9.1 years old. 

Adopting an infant from foster care is possible, but your wait is likely to be lengthy. It could take years rather than months. However, if you want to open your home to an older foster kid for adoption in Arkansas, foster care adoption could be right for you. 


Sibling Groups

When possible, the Arkansas foster care system will always attempt to reunify biological families after the state intervenes to protect children by temporarily removing them from the home of the biological parents. If that’s not an option, the state works hard to place foster children for adoption in Arkansas who are siblings in the same home.

Placing siblings together in the same home is an important part of maintaining the well-being of foster kids available for adoption in Arkansas. For many kids in the care of the foster system, siblings are the lone thread of continuity and familiarity in their lives. You can read some of the advantages of joint placement of sibling groups below:

  • Smoother adjustment to new circumstances
  • Mutual support from siblings through a difficult time
  • Emotional benefits of having someone familiar nearby
  • Increased sense of security
  • No feelings of longing and searching for lost brothers and sisters
  • Reduced risk of failed placements
  • Fewer moves

Physical/ Emotional/ Medical Conditions

Some foster children for adoption in Arkansas have special mental, emotional, medical or developmental needs. That can complicate placement. While many potential adoptive parents are compelled to provide a home to a child with heightened needs, a child with previous trauma, or a child with mobility issues. 

Being financially, emotionally and physically responsible for the life of another person is always a challenge. It requires a profound investment of time, knowledge and effort. Giving a home to a foster child for adoption in Arkansas who has special needs requires an even greater commitment from their parents, and not everyone can make that promise.

Some children have no physical or mental disabilities, but they do have unseen needs, nonetheless. Removal from the biological family and the biological home is a source of trauma for a child. By providing the foster child for adoption in Arkansas with a supportive home and loving family, the hope is that they’ll be able to heal and have a chance at the bright future they deserve.

What Welcoming Arkansas Foster Kids Up for Adoption Can Mean for You

Opening your home to foster children available for adoption in Arkansas is a noble, loving act of kindness. That said, it can also be challenging at times. Adopting an infant and incorporating them into your family may be easier than accepting an older foster kid for adoption in Arkansas.

A few of the distinct challenges of adoption from foster care include:

  • Additional steps before finalization: If you want to find a foster child for adoption in Arkansas, you should know that you’ll need extra training that’s not required in private domestic adoptions. These additional steps can slow the process or result in scheduling conflicts. For instance, the PS-MAPP training spans 30 hours of coursework. That’s not a concern with private domestic adoption, though.
  • Childhood adversity may lead to trauma: Often, foster children available for adoption in Arkansas have been through significant adversity before being placed in foster care, and that leads to trauma in some cases. Kids in foster care experience difficulty in new situations and need help from a counselor to process their feelings. For you, it may mean extra investments of time, emotion, and funds. It’s not an issue in private domestic infant adoption. Your child will be in your home from infancy, and y have a chance to select open adoption that allows contact with birth parents. Open adoption lets kids better process feelings of loss, grief, and rejection.
  • Fostering to adopt can be emotionally taxing: When seeking foster kids for adoption in Arkansas with plans to begin by “fostering to adopt,” waiting on the termination of birth parent rights can be frustrating. You can only adopt after those rights are terminated, which can cause difficulty for an adoptive family. Sometimes, it can take years for an adoption opportunity to materialize. In private domestic adoption, birth parents sign their adoption paperwork voluntarily, so your wait time is shorter and more certain.
  • Chance of biological family reunification: If you wish to open your home to a foster child for adoption in Arkansas, one option is to foster to adopt while awaiting termination of the birth parents’ rights. Foster agencies want to restore children in foster care to their biological families when possible. Adoption is a consideration only after the rights of the birth parents are exhausted. If that doesn’t occur, it can lead to disappointment for hopeful parents. You don’t have to worry about that with private domestic adoption, though. After the adoption paperwork is signed, your child is fully yours forever.

Why You Should Consider Private Domestic Adoption When Starting a Family

Welcoming foster children available for adoption in Arkansas into your home is truly noble, and we deeply respect your desire to make such a significant impact on a child’s life. It’s also important to think about the benefits of private domestic adoption before committing to your decision, though. It’s still the most direct, certain path to permanent parenthood.

Opening your home to a foster child for adoption in Arkansas is selfless and loving, but the same is true of adopting an infant. Choosing to adopt an infant through private adoption can be life-altering. The advantages of private infant adoption include:

  • You get to adopt a baby
  • You won’t have to deal with your child experiencing trauma or difficulties stemming from childhood adversity
  • Your adoption journey will be shaped by your Adoption Planning Questionnaire (APQ)
  • You’re required to complete fewer steps than with foster care adoption
  • There’s less uncertainty since birth parents give consent before private adoption can proceed. There’s no need to wait for termination of birth parent parental rights
  • You can choose open adoption so you can communicate with the birth parents freely
  • And much more

Are you called specifically to help a foster child for adoption in Arkansas? If that’s the case, your path maya already be clear. But if infant adoption appeals to you, there’s no better agency to have on your team than American Adoptions.

For nearly three decades, we’ve helped over 13,000 families successfully adopt, and we have a 96% success rate, which ranks us among the leaders in the industry. We also offer 12x more promotion and marketing than competing agencies. That means you’ll enjoy shorter wait times (between 9-12 months) when partnering with American Adoptions.

Our staff is made up of fully licensed social workers, many of whom are adoptees, adoptive parents, and birth mothers themselves. They’ve been in your position, and they know what you’re dealing with. They are committed to helping you have the most satisfying and pleasant adoption experience possible.

If you want to open your home to an infant through private adoption or a foster kid for adoption in Arkansas but need more information, please contact our specialists. We’re here to help you process your options. To speak with someone today, please call 1-800-ADOPTION or fill out our online form.

Parting Words on Children in Foster Care Waiting for Adoption in Arkansas

Opening your heart and home to foster children available for adoption in Arkansas is beautiful. Though it’s not right for every prospective adoptive parent, it’s a worthy pursuit. It’s also worth noting that private adoption has some unique advantages that may better help you build the family of your dreams.

To discuss your options with one of our seasoned adoption professionals, please call 1-800-ADOPTION or complete our online form today. 

Information available through these links is the sole property of the companies and organizations listed therein. American Adoptions provides this information as a courtesy and is in no way responsible for its content or accuracy.

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