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Weighing the Pros and Cons of Adoption vs. IVF in Arkansas

You’re coping with an infertility diagnosis but still want to start a family. The good news is that you have options if you still want to parent. Whether you choose IVF, infertility treatments, surrogacy or adoption in Arkansas, you’ll need reliable information to make such a life-changing decision. 

Your path to parenthood will be unlike anyone else’s, and you’re the only person who can decide your best path to parenthood. That includes choosing between adoption vs. IVF in Arkansas.

When making a decision as important as this one, it’s wise to get help from a professional. To find answers to your important questions about adoption and the IVF process in Arkansas, you can speak to one of our trained social workers by calling 1-800-ADOPTION or completing our free online form when you’re ready.

For now, read on below, as we’ve assembled this guide to help you understand what you need to know about IVF vs adoption in Arkansas.

Which Option is Best for You: Adoption vs. IVF in Arkansas?

When facing infertility and researching your options for building your family, you may find yourself contemplating adoption vs. IVF in Arkansas. Each option gives you a way to start a family, but each comes with its own pros and cons.

The path to parenthood for some families begins with trying IVF in Arkansas initially. IVF in Arkansas lets you retain the possibility of experiencing pregnancy first-hand. If that’s your main goal, it could be right for you.

If attempting the IVF process in Arkansas is an attractive option for you, you should remember that even though you may be able to get pregnant through IVF, your journey to parenthood may be lengthy. The IVF process in Arkansas can take months or years before producing a result, and that can be emotionally and physically difficult.

Another viable option for starting a family is adoption in Arkansas.  Adoption in Arkansas lets you help a birth mother who isn’t ready for parenting. Birth mothers are making selfless when they choose adoption because they want their child to grow up in a loving family and can provide them with a bright future rich in opportunity.

Birth mothers who work with American Adoptions are fully supported throughout the duration of the pregnancy. That includes:

  • Financial assistance to cover some living expenses
  • Help with necessities like maternity clothes
  • Emotional support provided by a licensed birth parent specialist
  • Medical assistance
  • And more

Deciding between IVF vs. adoption in Arkansas can leave you a little overwhelmed. That’s completely normal. Just remember, you have many options, so take your time to gain a good understanding of how each option could influence your experience.

When you consider adoption vs. IVF in Arkansas, it’s wise to recognize that adoption has unique advantages, such as:

  • A more accurate estimate of how long your journey will be
  • A chance to get acquainted with your child’s birth mother before and after the adoption is finalized
  • An opportunity to find the perfect child
  • Greater control over your adoption preferences, such as whether you adopt a boy or a girl
  • A way to engage in the adoption community
  • And many more

Take your time and deeply contemplate the full range of options available when considering adoption vs. IVF in Arkansas. We can help. It’s also a good idea to discuss your adoption choices with a professional to better understand whether adoption is right for you. Speak to your doctor about your options if you have questions about IVF in Arkansas.

Why Do Families Choose Adoption in Arkansas?

Choosing between adoption vs. IVF in Arkansas can be challenging, but you should remember you’re ultimately in control of your journey. Only you know which option best suits you and your lifestyle.

Some couples try IVF in Arkansas when building a family, and in some cases, the IVF process in Arkansas is successful. However, IVF in Arkansas isn’t your only option if you want to start a family. Remember, not all pregnancies stemming from IVF in Arkansas are viable, and that reality can result in additional stress and emotional trauma.

Most couples know that IVF in Arkansas can be both lengthy and time-consuming, in addition to being physically and financially exhausting. Hopeful parents who opt for the IVF process in Arkansas often experience severe stress and anxiety when attempting to become pregnant.

Again, we want you to know that if you haven’t decided between adoption vs. IVF in Arkansas, adoption provides a more definite method of building your family. You get more control over the process, mostly because you get to choose:

  • Whether you want to adopt a child locally or from another state
  • If you want to adopt from another country
  • What the age of the adoptee will be
  • What gender the adoptee will be
  • And much more

One of the most compelling benefits of adoption is the shorter wait time compared to IVF. Partnering with American Adoptions for private domestic adoption means your wait time will probably be around 9-12 months (if not less).

Other benefits of partnering with American Adoptions when exploring your potential path to parenthood include:

  • An industry-leading financial protection program for adoptive parents that protects from losses related to disrupted adoptions
  • 24/7 support from our experienced expert adoption specialists to get you answers when you need them
  • 12x more marketing and promotion than the average competing adoption agency to shorten your wait time for an adoption opportunity
  • Expert counseling and guidance throughout the adoption process to ensure adoption is the right choice for everyone involved
  • Help with constructing a compelling adoption profile to make sure your family is seen by expectant birth mothers
  • Facilitating birth mother financial assistance when necessary to help make sure expectant women and their child are healthy and well
  • Arranging and moderating communication between birth mothers and prospective adoptive families to help you build critical relationships in open adoption
  • And much, much more

Our fully licensed social workers are here around the clock to get you answers to your questions. We’ll be your ally from the beginning of your journey through its happy conclusion. To discuss your options with someone today, simply call 1-800-ADOPTION or complete our free online form

Next Steps When Deciding Between Adoption vs. IVF in Arkansas

When you’re ready to talk with someone about adoption vs. IVF in Arkansas or begin the adoption process, there’s no reason to delay. Contact American Adoptions today, and we’ll walk you through the next steps on the path to parenthood.

Our professionals work with hopeful parents like you every day, and we’re committed to matching hopeful adoptive families with expectant birth mothers who want to place a child for adoption. Simply call 1-800-ADOPTION or complete our online form to connect with someone today.

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