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How to Adopt a Baby in Arkansas [5 Simple Steps]

No matter what led you to this decision, you are making a brave and beautiful choice, because adopting a baby will forever change your life.

But, before you start the process to adopt a baby in Arkansas, there are a lot of factors to consider. Are you truly ready for the infant adoption process? Do you meet the requirements to adopt a newborn in Arkansas?

Luckily, you don’t have to answer these questions on your own. Our specialists at American Adoptions are always available to answer your questions and help you get started with your newborn adoption in Arkansas. Call 1-800-ADOPTION for free, no obligation information or get free information online.

For the time being, here’s how to know about how to adopt a baby in Arkansas.

Step 1: Decide if You’re Ready to Adopt [What Adoption Really Means]

Adopting a baby can be a wonderful way to start or add to your family — but sometimes it isn’t right for everyone. Making the decision to adopt is the first and most important step in the Arkansas adoption process.

As you consider whether Arkansas infant adoption is right for you, here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • What type of adoption do you want to pursue? This answer may depend on a number of factors, including the types of adoption opportunities you are interested in. If you want to adopt an older child, you might consider a foster care adoption. If you want to adopt a child from another country, you may want to look into international adoption. However, if you can confidently say “I want to adopt a baby in Arkansas”, that’s a good sign that domestic infant adoption may be right for you.  

  • Are you emotionally ready to adopt a newborn baby in Arkansas? When hopeful adoptive parents consider adopting a baby, they should be in sync with their decision to adopt before moving forward. For example, if you’re looking to begin your adoption journey after struggling with infertility, the loss of a child or the vision of having a biological child, it’s crucial to address these things before your adoption process begins.

  • Do you meet the requirements to adopt in Arkansas? In addition to assessing emotional readiness, you should familiarize yourself with the various requirements to adopt a baby in Arkansas. Remember, your adoption specialist at American Adoptions will help you understand these requirements and ensure you meet the qualifications to adopt.

Once you know that you want to adopt a baby in Arkansas, you’re officially ready to start your adoption journey! Keep in mind, though, that this isn’t a decision you should completely rush into. Take your time to determine if you are 100 percent ready for adoption. You can speak with an adoption specialist at any time to learn more about whether it’s right for you and your family. 

Step 2: Choose an Arkansas Adoption Professional

Once you’ve decided to move forward with the Arkansas infant adoption process, it’s time for you to choose a professional to help you on this journey. There are many professionals available to help parents hoping to adopt in Arkansas, including:

  • Adoption attorneys and law firms are often well-versed in many types of adoption. These professionals typically only provide the legal services needed in adoption and may work in conjunction with reputable adoption agencies to find adoption opportunities and provide a greater range of services.

  • Adoption facilitators (sometimes called adoption law centers) are unlicensed, unregulated people or organizations that typically only provide matching services. While some facilitators seem less expensive and easier to use than the standard Arkansas adoption agency, they’re illegal in many states due to laws on adoption advertising. For these reasons, it’s generally advised that adoptive families work with a licensed adoption agency or attorney instead of using a facilitator.

  • Local adoption agencies are state licensed and regulated organizations, usually with a small staff, that serve a limited geographic area. Local and regional agencies typically only work with adoptive families and birth families that reside within the immediate area, which can create longer wait times but may allow for more face-to-face communication with staff.

  • National adoption agencies are licensed, often regulated by multiple state licensing authorities, and work with prospective birth mothers and adoptive families across the country. National adoption agencies are reviewed regularly to ensure they’re always providing the best services. National adoption agencies like American Adoptions offer shorter wait times, lower financial risks and so much more.

Because American Adoptions is licensed in several states, our agency is regularly reviewed to make sure we’re always providing the best services — creating peace of mind and assurance for hopeful adoptive parents.

Our larger staff and 30+ years of experience provides greater access to resources than many other, smaller professionals. We’re also able to offer many benefits you can’t find anywhere else, like 24/7 support for potential birth parents.

“Every time we talked to someone from American, they were always super friendly and super helpful,” said Jenna. “They never made us feel bad about asking a question I’m sure they’d been asked a million times. It just felt natural.”

Your choice of adoption processional is an important decision that will impact the rest of your adoption experience, from the quality of service you will receive to the amount you will pay for those services and more. Make sure to carefully research various Arkansas adoption professionals before choosing the one that’s right for your family.

If you’d like to learn more about working with American Adoptions, please contact us online or call 1-800-ADOPTION today.

Step 3: Become an Active Waiting Family

There are several steps you’ll need to take before you can become an active waiting family and bring an adopted baby home in Arkansas. The exact requirements and processes you’ll need to complete may vary based on the adoption professional you choose.

If you want to adopt a newborn in Arkansas with American Adoptions, you’ll need to complete the following steps before you can be considered for potential adoption opportunities.

  • Adoption Planning Questionnaire (APQ): Along with other adoption paperwork, your adoption specialist will help you complete an APQ, which outlines everything from your adoption budget, to the types of adoption opportunities you are open to accepting.

  • Adoptive Family Profile: Adoptive families will create profiles that can be shown to birth mothers placing their newborns for adoption in Arkansas and throughout the U.S. Your profile helps prospective birth mothers get to know you, your family and the type of home you would provide for a child.

  • Adoption Home Study: The home study is a crucial step that every hopeful adoptive family must take to prove they are fully prepared to adopt. Your adoption specialist will help prepare you for the home study and everything in between, they can also refer you to a licensed home study professional near you.

These requirements can be overwhelming at times, but remember, each one serves an important purpose — and brings you one step closer to bringing your baby home in Arkansas. And you won’t have to do it alone. You can move through your adoption process in Arkansas with confidence because of the guidance and support from our team.

Step 4: Find an Adoption Opportunity

After you become an active waiting family, entering into an adoption opportunity with an expectant mother through private domestic adoption can take anywhere from a few days, a few months, or a few years depending on the professional you choose to work with. Exactly when you are chosen to adopt a baby in Arkansas depends on a variety of factors, including your individual openness to potential birth mothers, but it ultimately comes down to an expectant mother’s individual preferences. No two birth mothers are looking for the exact same thing in prospective adoptive parents.

However, 75% of active waiting families adopting through American Adoptions are placed with a child in an average of 12 months. When you are chosen for an adoption opportunity, you’ll be notified by your adoption specialist congratulating you and explaining your next steps in the adoption journey.

When adopting a newborn in Arkansas, you will likely have the chance to get to know the birth mother through pre-placement contact mediated by your adoption specialist. They will help prepare you for the first call, and give you suggestions and guidance as you continue building a relationship with her.

Your adoption specialist will then notify you when the baby is being born and it is time to travel to the hospital. Based on the plan made by the prospective birth mother, this could be your opportunity to interact with her and your baby for the first time.

Step 5: Finalize Your Adoption

After your baby is placed with you and the birth mother gives her consent to the adoption, you will need to complete a legal process to finalize your adoption in Arkansas. Your adoption attorney and your American Adoptions specialist will walk you through post-placement visits with a social worker, a finalization hearing and any other legal requirements.

When your adoption is finalized and you receive the final adoption decree in Arkansas, your legal adoption process is complete, and your baby is officially a permanent part of your family!

Step 6: Continue Your Adoption Journey

While the process to adopt a newborn in Arkansas legally ends at the courthouse when your adoption is finalized, your journey doesn’t end there. Adoption will always be an important part of your family’s story, and it will continue to shape your lives for years to come. As an adoptive parent, adoption should always be an open topic of conversation with your child, and you’ll likely keep in touch with your child’s birth parents through an open adoption relationship.

Many of our adoption specialists are adoptive parents, themselves. They know all of the ups-and-downs of this beautiful journey, and we will always be here to provide post-placement support as you begin your new life together as a family.

If you are ready to adopt a baby in Arkansas, or if you would like to receive more information about whether this type of adoption is right for you, call 1-800-ADOPTION or get free information online.

Information available through these links is the sole property of the companies and organizations listed therein. American Adoptions provides this information as a courtesy and is in no way responsible for its content or accuracy.

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