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Ted Mars' Adoption Story

My wife and I were not blessed with the ability to bear children. We were pregnant eight times, and each time there was a problem, causing my wife to lose the baby. I promised myself that if I was ever allowed to become a father, I would do the very best I could do as a parent.

We wondered if God thought we were not fit to become parents. Finally, He allowed us to become parents through adoption. 

An adopted child is truly a chosen child. If a couple can bear children, they do not have a choice on the child they receive. Adoption gives you choices, and I believe God places the right child with the proper family. Our son became one of the favored children in our respective families, and there was absolutely no difference because he was adopted.

The day the adoption agency placed my son in my arms, I became a father, a king and the proudest man on earth. I could not believe God was entrusting us with his finest creation: a child. I have no way to say what it is like to become a natural father, but I can tell you there is no way it could be any better than adopting a child. I could not love a natural child any more, or maybe even as much as, my adopted son.

It was very scary at first. Newborn babies do not come with instructions, but what a joy. They demand a lot of time, and the time they demand is the best time a parent can spend. It earns you more dividends than any other investment you can make. A parent has a short time to invest this attention to their child, and there is no way to measure this investment until the baby is an adult.

I feel we did a decent job with my son and adoption. Our son, Scott Mars, became the founder and Executive Director of American Adoptions. Then he blessed my wife and I with beautiful grandchildren — what a ride.

I always thought he would take over my business, but when he was in college, he told me he felt he had to pay back adoption and help other children find a good life. When I retired, I started helping and spending time with my son at his adoption agency.

A parent’s work is never done!

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