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Matt & Sarah

Thank you for taking the time to look at our profile! We are so excited to adopt to complete our little family. We will always cherish this experience and hold it close to our hearts. It would absolutely mean the world to us if you entrusted us to be your child's parents. We hope you consider us and we look forward to starting this journey together.

About Us

Manager, Customer Service Team
Project Coordinator
Bachelor's Degree in Music and Entertainment
Master's Degree in Special Education
Legally Married

What It Means to Be Parents

Our Family

Our number one priority in life is being good parents. Our children will always remain the center of our world. We want our children to grow up feeling safe, comfortable, and loved. We also want to foster an environment where our children can feel comfortable to be whoever they want to be. We will always be our child's #1 fan and supporter in anything.

In addition, we also just love finding ways to have fun together. Sarah is always coming up with creative and exciting activities (life of a former elementary school teacher). Sometimes it is fun to just jump in puddles and get muddy after a rain shower. We are not afraid to get "messy" with parenthood.

We cannot express how much we love being parents; it feels like our true calling. We are dedicated to supporting our children from birth to adulthood, no matter what that looks like. Our goal is for each of our children to go to bed each night feeling that they are loved unconditionally.

Our Lifestyle

Teddy Bear Clinic at the Nashville Zoo

We are both lucky to have very flexible jobs so that we can dedicate our time to our family. Matt works for American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers (ASCAP) to help songwriters get paid. He is able to work from home everyday and only has to go to the office about once a month. Sarah is a Project Coordinator for a Tennessee state grant at Vanderbilt University. She transitioned to this job because of its flexibility and gives her the ability to work a few days a week at home. We are both very thankful for the opportunities and flexibility our careers give us.

Additionally, we love spending time with friends and being outside. We have a close group of friends that also have young children. We always try and get together on the weekends to spend time together. We typically all go eat together at the Mexican restaurant every Friday night. We also enjoy all going to the Nashville zoo together about every other weekend.

Cultural Diversity

Fun at the Dia de Los Muertos Festival

Addressing cultural diversity is very important to us. We work hard to make sure Lincoln is being raised in a culturally and linguistically diverse community. We have a circle of close friends and coworkers that represent many different nationalities and races. We truly believe and hope this will help make our children feel welcome in the family.

Our local elementary school is very diverse and has children from many different ethnic backgrounds. Also, one of the many great things about living close to Nashville is the amplitude of events, organizations, and museums that value various cultural beliefs and backgrounds. We love branching out with cooking and trying different foods from various cultures.

If we are given the opportunity to adopt a child that has a different ethnic or cultural background than us, we are dedicated to respecting and valuing that culture. We embrace diversity and recognize the important of honoring the child's identity. We will be dedicated to finding local groups and resources of the certain ethnicity group to surround ourselves with to honor the child's identify.


Weekend in Colorado
Weekend in Colorado
Playing in the Fall Leaves
Playing in the Fall Leaves
Glass Blowing Date Night
Glass Blowing Date Night
Chinese Lantern Festival
Chinese Lantern Festival
Touch-a-Truck at the Adventure Science Center
Touch-a-Truck at the Adventure Science Center
Backyard Fun
Backyard Fun
On the Pier at Ocracoke Island
On the Pier at Ocracoke Island
Our Mario Trunk-or-Treat
Our Mario Trunk-or-Treat
Christmas Lights at the Nashville Zoo
Christmas Lights at the Nashville Zoo
Celebrating at a Friend's Wedding
Celebrating at a Friend's Wedding
Our Wedding
Our Wedding
Amazed at the Chattanooga Aquarium
Amazed at the Chattanooga Aquarium
1 / 12
Weekend in Colorado
Weekend in Colorado
2 / 12
Playing in the Fall Leaves
Playing in the Fall Leaves
3 / 12
Glass Blowing Date Night
Glass Blowing Date Night
4 / 12
Chinese Lantern Festival
Chinese Lantern Festival
5 / 12
Touch-a-Truck at the Adventure Science Center
Touch-a-Truck at the Adventure Science Center
6 / 12
Backyard Fun
Backyard Fun
7 / 12
On the Pier at Ocracoke Island
On the Pier at Ocracoke Island
8 / 12
Our Mario Trunk-or-Treat
Our Mario Trunk-or-Treat
9 / 12
Christmas Lights at the Nashville Zoo
Christmas Lights at the Nashville Zoo
10 / 12
Celebrating at a Friend's Wedding
Celebrating at a Friend's Wedding
11 / 12
Our Wedding
Our Wedding
12 / 12
Amazed at the Chattanooga Aquarium
Amazed at the Chattanooga Aquarium

Our House and Neighborhood

Our Home

We love our neighborhood and find it to be the perfect place for our young family! We live in a fairly new 3-bedroom house in very active neighborhood. We love our big backyard and spend most of our time having fun outside. There is also a playground in our neighborhood for all of the many kids to enjoy. There is a shopping center with a grocery store and restaurants in walking distance. One of our favorite things is walking to the grocery store and getting ice cream. We can't wait to include the child in our favorite neighborhood tradition. Additionally, we live in the Sumner County school zone, which is one of the best school districts in Tennessee.

We also love being so close to Nashville. We are zoo members and are frequent visitors of the Adventure Science Center. There is always something fun and unique to do. We love finding different things to take Lincoln to each weekend. We can't wait to find out what the child likes to do and find fun things to take them to!

Our Extended Families

Family Thanksgiving Matching Shirts

Family is very important to us! Both of our parents are so excited and eager to be present in the lives of their grandchildren!

We are both very close to our extended families. Matt's mom, sister, and grandparents live only about two hours away in west Tennessee. Matt's sister, Lindsey, has four kids named Jake, Jared, Caden, and Laken. His family loves getting together to swim and grill. We can't wait for this child to join in on the fun.

Fun With Cousins

Sarah is very close to her family, especially since her mom passed away a few years ago. Her dad also lives in West Tennessee. She has a brother named Ben who lives in Kentucky with his fiancé. One of our fun family traditions is that we rent cabins each year for Thanksgiving and spend the whole week together. It is SO fun!

All of our family members are so supportive of our adoption plan. They cannot wait to be a part of the child's life and look forward to a bundle of joy to spoil with lots of love and hugs! The child will absolutely be welcomed and cherished.

From Us to You

We are so grateful you have taken the time to read our profile and consider us for such a big decision. We can't imagine how difficult of a decision this must be. Please know that as you travel down this road, we are thinking of you (and the little one) on a daily basis. We promise to give your child a loving, safe, and nurturing home environment.

We met right before Sarah started college. It turns out we had lived less than a mile away from each other our whole lives but had never met until then. One thing that Sarah loved about Matt was that he had the incredible ability to talk to anyone at any time without feeling uncomfortable. We dated seven years before getting married on June 3rd, 2017. We have been together through many ups and downs. But, we love each other so much and pride ourselves on our communication with one another. We are a team and work through anything that comes our way.

Adoption has always been on our hearts when planning a family. When we planned on having our first child, we discovered that it would take fertility treatments to become pregnant. Therefore, we decided we would adopt if the first few treatments were unsuccessful. When Sarah became pregnant, she developed severe preeclampsia and had to deliver early, which resulted in a long NICU stay for Lincoln. We decided when completing our family that adoption was the perfect journey for us.

Being good parents is our number one priority in life. We feel like we truly came to life when we became parents. We are so excited and anxiously awaiting the opportunity to complete our family and provide your baby with a loving environment and big brother. We plan on celebrating each of our children's unique stories and identities.

For our future child, we want them to go to bed every night knowing they are loved, safe, and comfortable. As parents, we are committed to encourage the child to be whoever they want to be and support them in any way possible. It is also our job to show them life and know that it is okay to get messy and truly experience the world around us.

Diversity and honoring culture is very important to us. We plan on respecting and honoring the child's culture and background, no matter what that is. We plan on learning about the culture and finding activities and people to honor that experience.

We are also committed to an open adoption. We truly cherish your decision to trust us and will always honor you. We will share with you your child's growth and milestones through photos, letters, and emails. We are also open to doing annual visits with you. Open communication is so important. At the end of the day, adoption is part of the child's journey and identity, and we will always value that.

Thank you for considering us as potential parents for the child. We are looking forward to completing our family and promise to provide all the love and support that we have to you and the child. This is a lifelong journey that we are excited to take together. We will always cherish and be incredibly thankful for your decision. Please know that we are thinking of you always.

Thank you for allowing us the chance to share our heart.

Matt & Sarah


Bruce Willis
Morgan Freeman
Scarlett Johansson
Tina Fey
C.S. Lewis
James Patterson
Ready Player One
Becoming by Michelle Obama
Candy Bar
Kit Kat
Kit Kat
Spongebob Squarepants
Childhood Memory
First roller coaster
Doing crafts with my mom
Childhood Toy
My doll named Molly
Children's Book
The Very Hungry Caterpillar
Strega Nona
Asheville, NC
Classic Movie
Lord of the Rings
Does Sweet Home Alabama count?
Day of Week
Anything chocolate
Disney Movie
Lilo & Stitch
Mary Poppins
Dream Car
1966 Shelby GT500
GMC Truck
Dream Job
Music industry
Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) consultant
Dream Vacation
Traveling across Europe
Family Activity
Going on walks with Sarah and Lincoln
Going to the zoo
Flower / Plant
Salisbury steak
Form of Exercise
Walking outside
Settlers of Catan
Cooking and trying new recipes
Holiday Song
Sleigh Ride - Relient K
Jingle Bells
Holiday Tradition
Driving around looking at Christmas lights
Opening pajamas on Christmas Eve
Ice Cream
Cookies & cream
Jeni's salty caramel ice cream
Junk Food
McDonald's fries
Leisure Activity
Playing Nintendo switch
Taking a nap
Can't remember the last time I've seen a magazine
Southern Living
Memory with a Child
First time my son saw fish at the aquarium
When Lincoln took his first steps at the park
Memory with Spouse
Riding a golf cart on Ocracoke island
Riding in a Jeep up and down the beach on our honeymoon
Movie Munchie
Salty popcorn
Movie Quote
"It's a mess." - Marty Huggins
"She doesn't even go here!" Mean Girls
Movie Type
Musical Group
Fall out boy
Taylor Swift
Nursery Rhyme
Twinkle twinkle little star
The Little Old Lady who Lived in a Shoe
Olympic Event
Personal Hero
My wife
Michelle Obama or Ruth Bader Ginsburg
Walt Whitman
Robert Frost
Quality about my Spouse
Active listening
His ability to talk to anyone
"It's better to keep your mouth shut and appear stupid than to open it and remove all doubt." - Mark Twain
"When they go low, we go high"
Cafe Nonna in Nashville
I love a good turkey sandwich with cheese
Shopping Store
All for You - Sister Hazel or Sugar, We're Goin Down - Fall out boy
Ordinary People by John Legend
Sport to Play
Sport to Watch
College Basketball
Sports Star
Peyton Manning
Gabby Douglas
Sports Team
Vandy- Anchor Down!!
Vanderbilt Commodores
Subject in School
History, specifically music history
She Hulk
Thing to Cook
Scrambled eggs
Anything on the grill
Time of Day
Early morning
Publix walks
Drinking my coffee while watching Lincoln play each morning
TV Show
Ted Lasso
Parks and Recreation
TV Show Character
Ted Lasso
Lesley Knope from Parks and Recreation
Type of Music
Early- mid 2000s pop punk
Vacation Spot
Ocracoke Island
Ocracoke Island in the Outer Banks
Video Game
Zelda - Tears of the Kingdom

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