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Ken & Kjersti

Hi there, we are Ken and Kjersti. Thank you so much for taking your time to look at our profile. It means the world to us! We truly appreciate it from the bottom of our hearts. We are an Artist family who works from our cozy beach home studio. We strive to make everyday magical and special! We have so much love to give and are hopeful about our adoption journey.

About Us

3-D Artist
Artist/Stay-at-Home Mom
Bachelor's Degree in Illustration
Some College - Studied Sculpture
Legally Married

Our Professional Lives

Our Family

You know how on TV shows and movies the characters often have really cool and exciting creative jobs? Well, we actually do! We used our blood, sweat and tears and built an awesome creative life together. From our cozy beach studio we work creating art in a variety of mediums from digital, to painting, sculpture, photography and everything under the sun basically that is creative. That work is in movies, TV shows, commercials, video games and books. It is our goal to make the world a little more beautiful each day by sharing our art and bring sunshine and joy and magic into people's lives.

Being in a creative field as a freelance artist is incredibly rewarding, and allows the flexibility of working from home and being able to spend more family time together.

We both love to be creative and being able to make our living from it is just the cherry on top.

What It Means to Be Parents

We Love Family Beach Trips

We have our fur babies we adore, our angel babies who didn't make it here, and our precious miracle son Sky. Sky is going to make the most amazing big brother!

We have never seen a little boy as kind and gentle with others as our son. He always watches over any babies or tiny kids around to make sure they are happy and safe and having a fun time. He will carefully hold a baby and loves to cheer up or sing to a crying toddler and make them laugh.

We have heard it said that being a parent is like having your heart forever go walking around outside your body. Being a parent is pure, all-encompassing love with every fiber of your being. Many people have a child in order to GET love. But we wanted to build a family to GIVE love to our children.

Our goal as parents is to love our children with all our hearts. We seek to raise them and support them in becoming their very best selves. We want to raise kind and joyous individuals who are true to themselves and who make the world a brighter place for themselves and everyone around them.

Nothing is more important to us than being good parents. We love and parent with all our hearts, minds and souls.

Cultural Diversity

We love that everyone is different and unique. We always tell our son how boring the world would be if everyone was exactly the same. We feel so blessed to have a very diverse family. We have everything in our family and it is awesome - Black, white, Latinx, Asian and Native American/Indigenous peoples. We love learning about all different cultures. Whether learning African dances for his African brother's wedding as a groomsman, or going to every cultural festival and celebration we possibly can, and going to every museum exhibit we can, we just love learning about others and can't get enough of it. Both of us have lived in and studied all over the world in other countries and felt so enriched from learning about other cultures as a result. We have gotten to teach hundreds of students from every cultural background and loved it. We will immerse ourselves in and truly celebrate the culture and heritage of any child we adopt. We will celebrate them and where they came from and raise them with pride in their culture and heritage. That is one of the things we are most looking forward to as we expand our family through adoption.


At the Beach
At the Beach
Hiking With Friends
Hiking With Friends
Picking Out Our Christmas Tree
Picking Out Our Christmas Tree
Enjoying the View at a National Park in Utah
Enjoying the View at a National Park in Utah
Play Break at the LA Zoo
Play Break at the LA Zoo
Enjoying Calico Ghost Town Decorated for Christmas
Enjoying Calico Ghost Town Decorated for Christmas
Happy Halloween!
Happy Halloween!
Visiting the Zoo
Visiting the Zoo
4th of July Celebrations on Our Rooftop Deck
4th of July Celebrations on Our Rooftop Deck
Family Trip to the Getty Museum in Malibu
Family Trip to the Getty Museum in Malibu
Enjoying a Visit to the Pumpkin Patch
Enjoying a Visit to the Pumpkin Patch
We Love Being in Nature & Visiting the Giant Sequoia Trees is a Family Favorite
We Love Being in Nature & Visiting the Giant Sequoia Trees is a Family Favorite
1 / 12
At the Beach
At the Beach
2 / 12
Hiking With Friends
Hiking With Friends
3 / 12
Picking Out Our Christmas Tree
Picking Out Our Christmas Tree
4 / 12
Enjoying the View at a National Park in Utah
Enjoying the View at a National Park in Utah
5 / 12
Play Break at the LA Zoo
Play Break at the LA Zoo
6 / 12
Enjoying Calico Ghost Town Decorated for Christmas
Enjoying Calico Ghost Town Decorated for Christmas
7 / 12
Happy Halloween!
Happy Halloween!
8 / 12
Visiting the Zoo
Visiting the Zoo
9 / 12
4th of July Celebrations on Our Rooftop Deck
4th of July Celebrations on Our Rooftop Deck
10 / 12
Family Trip to the Getty Museum in Malibu
Family Trip to the Getty Museum in Malibu
11 / 12
Enjoying a Visit to the Pumpkin Patch
Enjoying a Visit to the Pumpkin Patch
12 / 12
We Love Being in Nature & Visiting the Giant Sequoia Trees is a Family Favorite
We Love Being in Nature & Visiting the Giant Sequoia Trees is a Family Favorite

Our House and Neighborhood

Our Home Features Lots of Outdoor Space & We Love Getting To Live Near the Beach!.

We live in a cozy little beach community in Southern California. We get to enjoy both a nearby marina and miles of beautiful sandy beaches just a few blocks away. A short drive leads to areas with more rugged rocky cliffs along the shoreline and a picturesque lighthouse, with whale and dolphin watching right from the coast! We enjoy Sunday afternoon drives along the peninsula to enjoy the views or a weekend stop at the small local natural history museum or the roundhouse aquarium on the historic Manhattan Beach pier.

We have a handful of great parks very close by, including a favorite that is on a hill right next to the beach and overlooks the ocean and the Redondo Pier boardwalk area with its shops and restaurants, and kayak rentals. We love to go paddle boarding in the marina there where bright fish and a local squad of sea lions are always favorite encounters. In December, watching the annual Christmas boat parade there is one of our cherished family traditions. (we often travel to other neighboring cities to view their Christmas Boat parades too!)

Our home is our sanctuary which allows us views of the ocean from many areas of the house including our rooftop deck where we enjoy eating dinners, swinging in the oversized hammock together, and enjoying watching the sunset and stargazing. The streets here are slow, wide and tree lined, making for very pleasant walks with the family and the dog!

Our Extended Families

Ken's Family

Our family comes in two flavors; quality and quantity! Ken has 8 siblings and tons of nieces and nephews. Kjersti is an only child and has a couple of aunts/uncles with a sprinkling of cousins. Many of them live in Utah, but also in Idaho and even Germany! As none of them live near us, we don't get to see them super often, but we try to travel out at Christmas time and for larger extended family reunions. Family time together usually involves meals together, board or card games, and visiting. Ken's family enjoys being outdoors and playing sports together (usually volleyball or pickleball).

Kjersti's Family

We also enjoy watching movies together or visiting a natural history museum. This child will have the opportunity to connect with many cousins of different ages as well as lots of aunts and grandparents on both sides.

Closer to home, we have some amazing framily who are super supportive and loving. We sync up on homeschooling, Jiu Jitsu classes, and often plan visits to local museums, aquariums or hikes together. We will be excited for this child to be a part of that tight knit group; they truly are our closest family! Our church community here is like a family as well, and this child will get to enjoy regular activities and classes with lots of other kiddos and be part of a supportive and diverse community that way too.

From Us to You

Thank you so much for taking your time to look at our profile. We truly feel that adoption is a gift and it's one that is dear to our hearts! We have so much love to give and are hopeful about our adoption journey. We love being parents and would be so happy to welcome this child into our home and our family. We hope that you will consider us and know that this child will be treasured and loved in our family above all else.

As we were writing this, Kjersti wished that she could send hugs to anyone who takes even a moment to look at our profile or consider us. Thank you! We can't even explain how much it means to us. Your selflessness and bravery touches our hearts and inspires us. ((((Hugs))))

We are married and have been together since we met in college, and we now have a 6-year-old son. Our greatest dream is to expand our family. We have gone through sadness, loss and heartbreak as we have worked to build our family. Our hearts are open and brimming with love to give.

Our faith is a very important part of our lives. Ken is in the leadership of our church and works with the youth and kids. Kjersti teaches Sunday School to the young children.

For us our belief comes down to God is love. We are put on this earth to love others. The many classes we taught all boil down to love God and love one another. Do unto others as you would have done to you. We love getting to help and uplift others.

As artists we feel most spiritual and peaceful in nature enjoying with amazement the beauty of God's creations. Nothing lifts my heart more than a tranquil forest or beach or pasture of peaceful animals.

We have spent countless hours praying in our beautiful - but empty - nursery that looks out on the vast blue ocean. Hoping and praying that our empty crib would be filled. Looking skyward and wishing on a star and hoping our prayers were heard.

Our Sweet son , Sky, prays every day for a sister or brother as well. He is the most kind and gentle future big brother we have ever seen. Whenever he is around littler family and friends he is always watching out for the babies and keeping them smiling.

Adoption has been a tremendous gift and blessing for many in our family already. Ken's brother is adopted from Africa and we have a number of other adopted family members as well. We treasure the love and diversity that binds us together in the beautiful tapestry of our family.

This child would be so loved and treasured. They would truly be the crowning jewel of our family. We look forward to including you in their life by keeping you updated on their life and milestones, via regular communication and sending pictures, and meeting together every year if you're comfortable with it.

Ken & Kjersti


Harrison Ford
Daniel Craig
Rachel Weiss
Gal Godot
I am an huge animal lover -ALL of them and especially dogs and cats:)
Tom Clancy
Sarah Vowell
Book of Mormon
Bible -I love finding beautiful comforting verses. My favorite part is the New Testament.
Candy Bar
King of the Hill
King of the Hill
Childhood Memory
Trips to our rustic family cabin, hiking to the beaver ponds, finding tadpoles in the frog pond, deer in the meadow at dawn
Being around animals with my family in nature and at the zoo, riding horses and going to museums.
Childhood Toy
GI Joes
Animal toys of all kinds
Children's Book
The Giving Tree
My Favorite book as a child was In the Shadow of Man written by Jane Goodall who is a pioneering primatologist and anthropologist.
I loved living in Sydney, Australia
Classic Movie
the Big Sleep
The Big Sleep - A classic LA Film Noir -Bogart and Bacall are amazing in it.
Day of Week
Hula Pie
Hula Pie
Disney Movie
I was thrilled to work on a Pirates of the Caribbean movie
Sleeping Beauty because she got to live in the forest and romp around with animals
Dream Car
Electric vehicle SUV
An Electric Muscle Car
Dream Job
Basically my job- I love being an artist for video games, TV shows, and movies!
I am blessed to have my Dream job of being an Artist and Homemaker/Domestic Goddess:)
Dream Vacation
Traveling to the Jungles of Costa Rica to see the scenery and animal life and visiting and volunteering at the animal sanctuaries there in particular the Sloth Sanctuary.
Family Activity
Hiking or kayaking
We love to go to the beach and spend time in nature together around animals at places like farms and the zoo and aquariums and museums.
Flower / Plant
Sequoia trees
Sequoia Tree
Hawaiian and Brazilian
I love food from all over the world but my very favorite is potatoes in all forms- baked, scalloped, mashed, fries, soup etc etc
Form of Exercise
Weight lifting, volleyball, surfing
Hiking around in nature, treadmill, Horseback Riding , yoga by the sea, kayaking.
Tropical fruit (bananas, mango, pineapple, etc)
Tropical Fruits such as Pineapple and Apple Bananas and strawberries
Phase 10
Creative stuff like art and music and singing are our favorites. We also love making jewelry and beading.
Holiday Song
nightmare before christmas soundtrack
Santa Baby
Holiday Tradition
Watching holiday boat parades, going to pumpkin patches
We love to go to the Farm and Pumpkin Patches together and enjoy all the sweet animals and pumpkins
Ice Cream
Mint chip
Heath Bar
Junk Food
Leisure Activity
Watching shows/movies
Cuddling my sweet doggie -my favorite is all snuggling together and watching a movie with popcorn and blankets.
byu magazine
National Geographic
Memory with a Child
paddleboarding with my son on the ocean
We love going to Disneyland together often as a family. Seeing little ones eye light up at Disneyland is pure joy:)
Memory with Spouse
Walking together along dig me beach in hawaii at night with the tiki torches burning
My Love and I cuddling together with our human and fur babies while Chris Isaak Wicked Game played in the background as we felt so grateful for the life we have built together.
Indiana Jones
The Mummy
Movie Munchie
Movie Quote
I don't know. I'm making this up as I go. -Indiana Jones
"Patience Is A Virtue." The Mummy
Movie Type
Action Adventure Mystery
Action Adventure
Nightmare before Christmas
Enchanted-that movie is really fun.
Musical Group
U2, Bob Marley
Nursery Rhyme
Twinkle, twinkle, little star, How I wonder what you are! Up above the world so high, Like a diamond in the sky. Twinkle, twinkle, little star, How I wonder what you are!
Star light, star bright, First star I see tonight, I wish I may, I wish I might, Have this wish I wish tonight.
Olympic Event
Personal Hero
The Rock Dwayne Johnson
Jesus Christ- Currently here hero -Jane Goodall pioneering primatologist and anthropologist expert on chimpanzees. Has done so much in her career to help protect animals.
A Christmas carol
To Star in Little Shop of Horrors-I was the female lead and had to get eaten by a giant Plant LOL
Robert frost
Currently Edgar Allan Poe
Quality about my Spouse
She loves deeply
His mind blowing artistic talent
The cure for everything is salt water- sweat, tears, the sea. -Isak Dinesen
"Patience Is A Virtue." The Mummy
Blue Bayou at disneyland
Any restaurant on the beach
Turkey Panini
Veggie Panini/ Pan Bagnat
Isaiah 55;8-11
Psalm 91:4 He shall cover thee with his feathers, and under his wings shalt thou trust: his truth shall be thy shield and buckler.
Shopping Store
Apple Store
My favorite type store would be a General Store the type you would find in a National Park that has everything from food to crystals to toys to books. Favorite Chain Store Micheals art supplies
Weezer- Island in the Sun
The Middle (Jimmy Eat World )-This has been a special song to me. Whenever I am going through a tough time or having a rough day I end up hearing this song playing somewhere. And it lets me know the heavens are watching over me.
Sport to Play
Surfing and Volleyball
Kayaking and Horseback Riding
Sport to Watch
I like to watch my Husband play volleyball and surf and watching our son do Jujitsu.
Sports Star
Laird Hamilton (surfer)
The Rock
Sports Team
Don't really follow any sports tbh
I cheer for whomever is nicest
Subject in School
Phys ed, art
Art and Archeology especially Egyptology
Laura Croft because she gets to do archeology
Thing to Cook
breakfast foods
I love to cook any of fruit veggie and herbs we grow from our home and to bake bread.
Time of Day
Morning Time
Evening when the light is the perfect shade of blue in Southern California.
Pizza Fridays
We love doing family Pizza Night every Friday and making pizza and playing Dean Martin and other fun old music. We also love doing movie night and all cuddling up together with popcorn.
TV Show
Stranger Things, Seinfeld
TV Show Character
Din Djarin (the mandalorian)
Sarah Walker -TV Show Chuck -played by Yvonne Strahovski
Type of Music
Alternative rock, reggae
I love so many types but rock/alternative is probably my very favorite
Vacation Spot
Yosemite and other National Parks
Video Game
Portal, Medal of Honor
Any Game my Husband has helped create plus Voodoo Vince

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