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Jarrett & Zee

Attention all pregnant people! Are you looking for a safe, fun-loving home for your baby? Look no further - we're here with open hearts, open arms, and a dash of quirky humor to make this decision a little easier. We can't imagine how challenging this decision is for you. You're probably dreaming of a future where your baby is in a loving home and tons of opportunities? We can help make that dream a reality. Why not check out our profile?

About Us

Data Analyst
Federal Servant
Bachelor's Degree in Digital Media
Bachelor's Degree in Political Science
Legally Married

Why We Chose Adoption

Enjoying a Winter Afternoon Together

For Zee, the idea of adoption has always been close to her heart. Coming from a blended family, with three half-sisters and two full sisters, she knows that family is not just about blood. It's about love, and it's about home. Our closest bonds are with our friends, our chosen family, and we believe adoption is a natural extension of that.

Adoption is more than just a desire for us; it's a beautiful opportunity to expand our family. Zee has experienced the richness of a large family and is accustomed to navigating different personalities. We are genuinely thrilled about the possibility of growing our relationship with you through an open adoption.

In a practical sense, adoption makes perfect sense for us. We're eager to nurture and care for a child, offering them a loving home and a supportive environment. We understand that circumstances have led you to consider making an adoption plan for your child, and we would be honored to be a part of that journey with you. Choosing adoption is a shared journey, and we're excited about the prospect of walking this path with you, hand in hand, as we welcome your little one into our family.

What Makes Us Unique

At a Wedding in New York

We struggled with what to tell you about what makes us unique, so we enlisted the help of our friends. Here is what they helped us realize.

We value service and giving back to our community, whether it's through coaching, volunteering, or actively participating in community action groups. We believe in leading by example, showcasing generosity, and instilling leadership qualities in those around us. In other words, an encouraging word never hurt anybody.

Our commitment to authenticity is a cornerstone of who we are. We take pride in being true to ourselves, fostering a sense of security that we believe is crucial for parents. This authenticity is infectious, positively impacting those we connect with and will hopefully create an environment where a child can be themselves and feel seen and valued.

Creativity is at the heart of our family. We continuously strive to grow and improve in our creative pursuits, whether it's writing, exploring languages, or diving into various hobbies. Our openness to learning from diverse experiences and our love for travel further enrich our lives.

We find joy in connecting with others through fun and games, making an effort to understand and appreciate everyone's unique qualities. Engaging in constructive and meaningful conversations is a skill we cherish, recognizing the importance of navigating difficult discussions with empathy and understanding. We look forward to sharing our vibrant, creative, and compassionate family with a child, embracing the wonderful journey of parenthood together.

Addressing Cultural Diversity

Talking about diversity and race is one of our favorite pastimes, which might make us a little weird. If Zee had it her way, she would be doing diversity work full-time professionally. As it stands,she is a diversity representative at her job and sits on a diversity council. That's just how passionate we are about it.

When it comes to raising a child, we've put serious thought into embracing their cultural heritage. We've got our own separate backgrounds, having come from different racial backgrounds, which could already be part of your child's story. We're committed to plugging into local communities that match your child's race and background. We want them to have role models who look like them and a community that feels like home.

We're not doing this alone either. Adoption support groups and tips from parents who've been there will be our guides. It's crucial to us that your child feels comfortable in their own skin, celebrating the unique beauty of their heritage. Finding positive influences is at our top priority because we're determined to give them the best shot at a happy, fulfilling life.


Exploring London
Exploring London
Supporting LBGTQ at D.C. Pride
Supporting LBGTQ at D.C. Pride
Zee With Appa at Her Alma Mater
Zee With Appa at Her Alma Mater
An Afternoon at a Park
An Afternoon at a Park
Vacation to Japan
Vacation to Japan
At the Zoo With Our Niece & Nephew
At the Zoo With Our Niece & Nephew
A Day at the Beach
A Day at the Beach
Christmas Fun
Christmas Fun
Dressing Up for the Renaissance Festival
Dressing Up for the Renaissance Festival
Site Seeing in NYC
Site Seeing in NYC
At a Friend's Wedding
At a Friend's Wedding
1 / 12
Exploring London
Exploring London
2 / 12
Supporting LBGTQ at D.C. Pride
Supporting LBGTQ at D.C. Pride
3 / 12
Zee With Appa at Her Alma Mater
Zee With Appa at Her Alma Mater
4 / 12
An Afternoon at a Park
An Afternoon at a Park
5 / 12
Vacation to Japan
Vacation to Japan
6 / 12
At the Zoo With Our Niece & Nephew
At the Zoo With Our Niece & Nephew
7 / 12
8 / 12
A Day at the Beach
A Day at the Beach
9 / 12
Christmas Fun
Christmas Fun
10 / 12
Dressing Up for the Renaissance Festival
Dressing Up for the Renaissance Festival
11 / 12
Site Seeing in NYC
Site Seeing in NYC
12 / 12
At a Friend's Wedding
At a Friend's Wedding

Our House and Neighborhood

Our Home

Our friends and family mean the world to us—they're our community, our support system. Here in Dumfries, we're surrounded by family-friendly events that make our town feel like home. Take, for instance, the annual kids Halloween contest in Occoquan, just a stone's throw away. It's set in this beautiful spot by the river, with charming restaurants nearby and a safe, traffic-free environment—the whole community comes together.

Our neighborhood is buzzing with kids, living in townhomes where laughter and play are part of everyday life. A playground is right around the corner, and a park with a basketball court is just a 7-minute stroll away. Sidewalks are filled with children enjoying the outdoors, and we're lucky to have sports complexes, playgrounds, expansive natural parks, beaches, and swimming spots—all within a 15-minute drive!

Jarrett, with his gym membership at the community center, is excited to share his love for basketball with a child. He's not just good at it; he's eager to teach the ropes and spend quality time playing together. Plus, every Saturday, the community center offers swimming lessons—a fantastic opportunity for your child to gain confidence in the water.

Beyond our immediate surroundings, we love venturing into D.C. for museum visits. The new spy museum is high on our list, promising an engaging experience with real-life James Bond tales and interactive activities—a perfect outing to spark curiosity and create lasting memories. We can't wait to welcome a child into our community and share these adventures together!

Our Extended Families

Family Gathering

Let us give you a glimpse into our Virginia life. Between Virginia and North Carolina, we make a 1.5 to 4-hour drive 7-10 times a year for family gatherings. Watching our little niblings grow and celebrating birthdays is what we live for.

Our friends are our chosen family. Especially the three living just 40 minutes away in Washington, D.C. Once a month, we meet up for some good food, maybe some board games, and definitely loads of fun. We're all about joy and being goofy – it's the heart of our friendship.

Hosting Friendsgiving

Our family has a quirky tradition: singing "Happy Birthday" with everyone we can muster, even over the phone. Picture 10 different lines, mixed-up voices, and laughter that brings tears to our eyes. It's chaotic but joyous.

We're not the perfect family; we have our silly arguments and stress, but amid it all, love and laughter are abundant. We address issues head-on, learning and growing from our disagreements. This honesty makes us confident about welcoming a child into our lives.

We can already picture them playing with cousins, snuggled up tight during Christmas drives to look at lights, and laughing with us as we playfully tease each other. The love is growing, and we're excited about expanding our family.

From Us to You

We're Zee and Jarrett, and we're overjoyed at the thought of welcoming a child into our lives through adoption. Your decision holds immense significance, and we'd like to share more about who we are and the family we've built over the past decade.

We want you to know that if you choose us, your baby will be the center of our universe. We have the financial means to provide a comfortable life and the love and empathy necessary to support their growth and foster self-love.

Our lives are a blend of quirkiness and creativity. Zee, with her writing and planning skills, and Jarrett, with his math, science, and creativity, create a unique and dynamic team. Together, we're committed to offering a world of opportunities for a child, whether it's through living globally for work, diverse experiences, or forming lasting friendships.

Our journey together spans a decade, and we've been happily married for almost seven years. Throughout this time, we've grown as individuals and as a couple. We believe in exploring new places and embracing fresh experiences, which we're excited to share with our child.

In our relationship with you, we're dedicated to navigating any awkwardness or potential conflicts together. Your role in your child's life is invaluable, and we want them to know you to the extent that you're comfortable with. We plan to share yearly pictures and maintain a private Facebook page for more regular updates, ensuring you're closely connected to your child's journey.

Our family dynamic includes Zee's five sisters, and she's thrilled at the prospect of gaining essentially another sibling. If that's not the dynamic you're seeking, we're open to finding a balance that feels right for everyone.

Continuous learning is at the heart of our parenting approach. Over our ten years together, we've constantly strived to be better parents and partners, bringing both huge hearts and decent-sized brains to the table. Our family also includes a wonderful Bernedoodle, adding an extra layer of joy to our lives.

Living near Washington, D.C., we have incredible access to natural parks, national events, museums, and swimming facilities, providing a vibrant environment for your child to explore and learn. Education is a priority for us, and we're dedicated to offering the best opportunities for your child to flourish academically.

Your baby won't just have loving parents in us but also an extended family and friends eager to welcome them. With three cousins, five aunties, one uncle, and four grandparents excited to meet your baby, they'll be enveloped in a network of love and support.

If you have more questions or if you'd like to get to know us better, we'd love to set up a meeting. Our ten-year journey together has been filled with love, growth, and shared adventures. Your journey is incredibly important to us, and we're here to support you in every way we can.

Warm regards,

Jarrett & Zee


Evan Peters
Keanu Reeves
Rachel Weisz
Viola Davis
J.R.R. Tolkien
Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
Lord of the Rings
Harry Potter
Candy Bar
Take 5
Avatar the last Airbender
Childhood Memory
Christmas morning with my family
Playing in my grandma's hydrangeas
Childhood Toy
Teddy Bear - Snowy
Children's Book
Chronicles of Narina
Nancy Drew
Chapel Hill, NC
Classic Movie
A League of Their Own
The Matrix
Light blue
Marigold yellow
Day of Week
Chocolate Cake
Ice cream
Disney Movie
Lion King (1994)
Dream Car
Mercedes-Benz SUV
Scooby van
Dream Job
Movie Producer
Dog trainer
Dream Vacation
Tokyo in the Spring
Backpacking in southeast Asia
Family Activity
Movie night
Flower / Plant
Form of Exercise
weight lifting
water melon
Fiction Writing
Holiday Song
All I want for Christmas is you
Mistletoe by Justin Bieber
Holiday Tradition
Driving through neighborhoods to see Christmas lights
Putting up the Christmas tree with my family
Ice Cream
Ice cream sandwhich
double dunker by Turkey Hill
Junk Food
Lay's chips
Ice cream
Leisure Activity
Watching movies
Walking in the forest with my dog
National Geographic
Memory with a Child
My niece speaking to me for the first time. She touched a bottle and said, "cold".
My nephew who was three saying tops instead of cops
Memory with Spouse
Driving back from picking up our puppy
Going to Tokyo
Lord of the Rings: Two Towers
Monsters University
Movie Munchie
Movie Quote
"Do you think that's air you're breathing now?" - Morpheus (The Matrix)
What's coming will come, and we'll meet it when it does
Movie Type
Mystery, Horror, Fantasy, Action
Jospeh and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat
Greatest Showman
Musical Group
One republic
Nursery Rhyme
Humpty Dumpty
Veggie tales
Olympic Event
Personal Hero
My dad
Serena Williams
A Christmas Carol
"Endgame" by Samuel Beckett
William Blake
Cardi B
Quality about my Spouse
"Doozy after doozy after doozy." -Amanda
"You have to act as if it were possible to radically transform the world. And you have to do it all the time." - Angela Davis
Any Brazilian Steakhouse
Bon Chon
Patty Melt
[6:15] This is how you are to make it: the length of the ark three hundred cubits, its width fifty cubits, and its height thirty cubits.
Shopping Store
Nordstom Rack
Livin la vida loca
Here comes the sun - Beatles
Sport to Play
Field Hockey
Sport to Watch
Sports Star
Michael Jordan
Lebron James
Sports Team
Subject in School
Superman (who was adopted by the way)
Wonder Woman
Thing to Cook
Seasame Chicken
Steak and garlic rice
Time of Day
The afternoon on a nice day
Christmas shopping, gift giving, and Christmas dinner
Putting up Christmas decorations with my sister Crystal and her kids
TV Show
The great British bake off
TV Show Character
Olivia Benson (Law & Order SVU)
Eric from Sexual Education
Type of Music
Power Ballads
Vacation Spot
Outer Banks NC
Video Game
City of Heroes
Horizon Zero Dawn

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