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Evan & Sarah

Hello from New Hampshire! We are a fun-loving couple who have a love of travel, animals, and Disney pins. We have always dreamed of being parents and feel very blessed for the opportunity to expand our family through adoption. We are honored you are considering us for such an important decision. We promise to love unconditionally and always act in the best interest of the child. We look forward to this next chapter for all of us.

About Us

Principal Software Engineer
Project Manager
Bachelor's Degree in Electrical Engineering, Computer Systems Engineering, Mathematics
Bachelor's Degree in Mathematics, Psychology
Legally Married
New Hampshire

Our Favorite Vacation Spot

Excited to Say Hi to Mickey

Our favorite getaway spot is Disney World. We both have such wonderful childhood memories of visiting Disney with our families and love visiting today. We visit Disney World multiple times per year, sometimes even just for an extended weekend while visiting Evan's family. We love the feeling we get from the smell of fresh popcorn, going to the vibrant Art festival in Epcot, or enjoying a Mickey ice cream bar in the park. One of our favorite activities in Disney is pin trading. It's fun to see all the cute pins to trade and so exciting when we find ones that we've been searching for!

We also have a camper van and love going on roadtrips! We love visiting National Parks and seeing what side attractions we can find along the way to make the trips even more memorable, such as visiting a zoo or a butterfly house. Being in our campervan really teaches us what's important and how little is needed to be happy. Watching the starry night sky, taking in a sunrise/sunset, being in the middle of nature or the middle of a parking lot, we are able to find peace and comfort in the world around us. We want appreciation of the natural world to be something our family continues to explore and value, and we can't wait to share this with a future child.

Our Leisure Time

Dinner and a Musical!

We love to play games with our friends and family. We have a wide array of old and new board games. We would love to have a weekly game night when we have a child. We feel like playing games is a great way to connect and gives a chance for creativity, problem solving, and laughs.

Evan plays the guitar and we both feel that music can help with creativity and also help calm or celebrate a moment. We also enjoy going to concerts together; our favorite being the Backstreet Boys a few years ago. We can't wait to support our child in music if they have an interest in it.

Sarah meditates daily and also enjoys yoga. Evan and Brooklyn join her frequently for a family workout. We do our best to cultivate a household that is present, kind, and fun and these activities help us do that.

We both find enjoyment working with our hands. Evan is skilled in fixing and building items for the house and camper van. Sarah enjoys embroidery and sewing, either creating new projects or fixing clothing and doggy toys as needed.

We also both love to go thrifting and love bringing life into pre-owned items. We have already started getting children's books and are excited to read them to a child.

Our Family Traditions

Celebrating Christmas With Sarah's Family

Our town has two annual events we always take part in! During the Fall celebration, they turn one of our nearby parks into a childhood dream, full of bouncy castles, games, pony rides, train rides, and vendor stations. We love going to this event with our family to eat apple crisp, see friends and support our local businesses. Just before Christmas there is a decorated tree auction. We attend this with our friends and love to see the trees created by local businesses. We have been lucky enough to win a tree from the auction a few times; one of which was supported by our local animal shelter, and was decorated with pictures of all their available pets!

Celebrating the 3rd Night of Hanukkah

We are an interfaith household with Evan growing up Jewish and Sarah being Episcopalian. While the names of these faiths may be different, we have a core alignment on what it means to be a good person and it's centered on love. We have the opportunity to celebrate traditions from both of our faiths! For Hanukkah we make delicious potato latkes and light Evan's Grandmother's menorah. For Passover we always partake with Evan's family, enjoying Evan's Mom's matzo ball soup and reading the Haggadah. For Christmas events we volunteer at Sarah's parent's church fair, go to Christmas Eve Mass, and celebrate with gifts and food on Christmas at Sarah's parent's home. We feel we get the best of both and we can't wait to share these special family traditions with a child.


Snuggling on the Couch
Snuggling on the Couch
Exploring Ireland
Exploring Ireland
Relaxing in the Backyard
Relaxing in the Backyard
We Reached a Waterfall at the End of Our Hike!
We Reached a Waterfall at the End of Our Hike!
Watching a Beautiful Sunset Over the Pacific Ocean
Watching a Beautiful Sunset Over the Pacific Ocean
Camping on the Beach
Camping on the Beach
Enjoying a Modern Art Museum
Enjoying a Modern Art Museum
Glacier National Park
Glacier National Park
In Awe of the Grand Prismatic Spring
In Awe of the Grand Prismatic Spring
Rugby Game
Rugby Game
Enjoying the Sunset
Enjoying the Sunset
1 / 12
Snuggling on the Couch
Snuggling on the Couch
2 / 12
Exploring Ireland
Exploring Ireland
3 / 12
Relaxing in the Backyard
Relaxing in the Backyard
4 / 12
5 / 12
We Reached a Waterfall at the End of Our Hike!
We Reached a Waterfall at the End of Our Hike!
6 / 12
Watching a Beautiful Sunset Over the Pacific Ocean
Watching a Beautiful Sunset Over the Pacific Ocean
7 / 12
Camping on the Beach
Camping on the Beach
8 / 12
Enjoying a Modern Art Museum
Enjoying a Modern Art Museum
9 / 12
Glacier National Park
Glacier National Park
10 / 12
In Awe of the Grand Prismatic Spring
In Awe of the Grand Prismatic Spring
11 / 12
Rugby Game
Rugby Game
12 / 12
Enjoying the Sunset
Enjoying the Sunset

Our House and Neighborhood

Our Home

We live in a charming suburb in New Hampshire that is only minutes away from the ocean and an hour from the mountains. Our home is 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms with tons of light and space for a family and a dog. Our favorite room is our family room, which has a vaulted ceiling, a fireplace, and is a cozy place to watch jeopardy and play games. We have a large fenced-in backyard that is great for running around and a driveway that is perfect for basketball or foursquare.

Brooklyn Loves Our Backyard

We are very fortunate to be walking distance to our downtown where there is a Children's Museum, restaurants, a pavilion where concerts are held in the summer, and multiple children's parks. One of the children's parks was recently built and has an awesome splash pad, a replica ship for playing, and many other fun interactive fixtures. We also live walking distance to a farm where we can feed horses and see cows! We can't wait to share all this with a child.

We are very fortunate to have wonderful neighbors that we are very close with. We get together with our neighbors to grill and spend time together often. We will all gather on the 4th of July in our front yards where we are able to relax and watch our town's fireworks.

Our Extended Families

With Sarah's Parents

Spending time with family is very important to both of us. Sarah is an only child and Evan has 2 younger brothers. Sarah's parents live nearby and we love spending time with them on a regular basis. They are both retired, love volunteering their time, and can't await to spend time with their future grandchild. Evan's brother Ryan, his partner Jason, and their puppy Coco live in Rhode Island and we enjoy getting together for puppy play dates. Zack and Sam (Evan's brother and sister-in-law), and Evan's parents both live in Florida close to Disney World. We visit them multiple times per year and love visiting Disney together, taking photos, seeing the characters, and making memories. We love family game nights where we get together to play card games, board games, and have loads of laughter. This will be the first grandchild for both sides of the family, and all grandparents are going to shower the little one with love and attention. Brooklyn, our beloved dog and family member, is also eagerly anticipating the expansion of our family. She is looking forward to sharing her affection and being a big sister. Our extended family also includes a lot of cousins, many of whom are adopted and we all love to get together for birthdays and barbecues.

Evan's Family

From Us to You

The journey of adoption is hard for all who come to the crossroads. While meeting at the crossroads we find a deep strength and admiration for each other. Your loving kindness towards your child to choose life and find the right home for them is the definition of true love. We are so honored and humbled for you to be considering us for this life changing opportunity. It's difficult to articulate the depth of our emotions, but we want to convey our genuine joy and appreciation for the opportunity that lies ahead.

We have been married for almost four years. During this time we have worked together on covid wedding planning, infertility, and learning to work and live together in a small camper van amongst other things. We continue to grow as people and we always support and love each other in the process. Sarah's Mom told her that when you meet your person you will feel like you have won the lottery. Sarah didn't think this to be very realistic until she met Evan. We both feel so incredibly lucky to be partners. Having the opportunity to add to our family would be like finding a true treasure again.

We have been unable to conceive on our own and once it became apparent that God had other plans for our family we began exploring adoption. We have many family members that have adopted and have been adopted. We have been able to share our journey and excitement with them as we look to expand our family and welcome a child. We know that it will be important to have a community where this child sees themselves represented and we are excited to be able to provide them one.

We are excitedly awaiting the opportunity to expand our family. We have both dreamed of becoming parents and raising a child and are excited to watch them grow. For a future child we believe in nurturing with strong moral values, teaching by example, and fostering a deep respect for others. We are committed to raising a child that grows up feeling happy, safe, loved, while being able to embrace their interests and passions so that they may live a fulfilled life.

Sarah will be going part-time at work and we have been blessed with a great group of friends, family, and neighbors who have shown us so much support and love through this process and through our lives. They have opened their hearts to us and our dog Brooklyn and they are so excited with us to welcome a child into our community.

You are an important part of your child's life now and always. We are happy to regularly share letters, photographs, and emails throughout the years and as milestones are reached. When the time is right we are happy to schedule an in-person visit. We believe that it is essential for our child to know their roots and to understand the love that led to their adoption. We will always make sure that you and your story is told with honor and respect in our home. You would be giving us the most precious gift that anyone could ever give us.

Thank you so much for your consideration and taking the time to learn more about our family. We look forward to hopefully getting to know you more soon.

Evan & Sarah


Alan Tudyk
Bryan Cranston
Anna Kendrick
Melissa Joan Hart
John Green
Micheal Crichton
Artemis Fowl
Harry Potter
Candy Bar
Reese's Fast Break
Dexter's Laboratory
Childhood Memory
Riding Bicycles as a Family
Family Dinners and Playing Catch
Childhood Toy
Baby Doll
Children's Book
The Know-Nothings
Where the Sidewalk Ends
Classic Movie
Anne of Green Gables
Day of Week
Ice Cream
Disney Movie
Little Mermaid
Dream Job
Professional Snowboarder
Dream Vacation
Swiss Alps
Family Activity
Flower / Plant
General Tso's Chicken
Butternut squash and onion pizza
Form of Exercise
Team Sports
Disney Pin Trading
Arbor Day
Holiday Song
Mele Kalikimaka
Santa Claus is Coming to Town
Holiday Tradition
Christmas Day with Family
Ice Cream
Junk Food
Kettle Potato Chips
Leisure Activity
Memory with Spouse
Trip to Rome
Getting our puppy Brooklyn
Good Will Hunting
Movie Munchie
Buncha Crunch
Movie Type
Period Drama
Musical Group
Ok Go
Olympic Event
"You miss 100% of the shots you don't take -Wayne Gretzky" - Michael Scott
Sloppy Joe
Turkey and Cheese
Psalm 23
Shopping Store
Thrift Store
Don't Lose Sight - Lawrence
Whole Heart by Brandon Heath
Sport to Play
Sport to Watch
American Football
American Football
Sports Star
Ken Griffey Jr.
Sports Team
Wrexham AFC
Subject in School
Thing to Cook
Banana Bread
TV Show
The Office
Gilmore Girls
Vacation Spot
Disney World
Disney World
Video Game
Red Dead Redemption 2
Overcooked 2

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