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Pat & Kat

We are so excited to grow our family. Words cannot express how grateful we are that you are reading our profile now. We have so much love to give and are looking to create a safe, loving, and caring environment. We hope that you consider us as potential adoptive parents and look forward to hopefully getting to know you!

About Us

Owner - Video Production Company
Early Childhood Educator
Some College
Master's Degree
Legally Married

What It Means to Become Parents

We Can't Wait to Share Our Adventures With a Child!

We are eager to shower our child with that love through hugs, snuggles, storytime, vacations, family dinners, and so much more. We are ready to start new traditions, have honest conversations, and continue to create a safe space for our family. We believe that, as parents, it is our responsibility to reflect on ourselves as people and make sure that we are modeling compassion, kindness, responsibility, and honesty. We know that being a parent is a wonderful responsibility and we want to make sure that our child feels and knows that they are the most important thing in the world to us. We believe that openness and trust are built through restorative conversations where everyone feels safe sharing how they are feeling and can be confident coming to us with any questions that they have about life. We know that adoption, in particular, is a special type of responsibility and that is one of the reasons we want to make sure that we know what the birth parent needs and wants and is a part of our child's story. We are ready to give so much love and are hopeful to start the most important section of our lives.

Our Leisure Time


We love to keep busy. Kat has been a runner her whole life and has completed three marathons and is currently training for her fourth. Pat has always been creative, playing the drums and bass in many bands in his youth, and has been the resident photographer for all of our travel adventures.

We love to explore the world and its many cultures whenever we can. We've been to Europe, South America, Mexico, and the Caribbean, but Kat's greatest dream would be to visit Egypt and see the Great Pyramids and the Valley of Kings.

At home, we love to cook and learn new cuisines. From making our own fresh pasta and pizza to learning recipes from our favorite Asian chef's cookbook, we're always having fun in the kitchen.

We also really love to be outside, spending time with our friends hiking, taking long walks along Boston harbor, and going to the beach.

We love board games! There are so many online versions of our favorite games that we were able to play with our family and friends so that even though we were physically apart, we were still spending time together. No matter what's happening in the world, we always find time to do things together and have fun with family and friends.

Cultural Diversity

Diversity is very important to us. We believe that all children need representation in their lives and will make sure that is a priority always. We value different experiences and cultures and want to make sure that our child is surrounded by love. We are lucky to have a diverse friend group who are such an important part of our lives. We know that all of these special people will play a close role in our family's journey. We want to have active discussions about the wonderful differences and similarities that we all experience in the world. We believe that who is represented in the stories that we will be reading to our child matters. It's important for our child to know their cultural background, whatever it may be, and have the opportunity to know those who share their backgrounds.


At a Baseball Game
At a Baseball Game
Fishing With Friends
Fishing With Friends
Finishing a Race
Finishing a Race
A Night Out in the City
A Night Out in the City
Kat With Friends
Kat With Friends
Snow Day
Snow Day
Snuggling Our Cat, Bounty
Snuggling Our Cat, Bounty
Dinner With Family
Dinner With Family
We Love to Travel & Explore New Places
We Love to Travel & Explore New Places
Walking by the Water
Walking by the Water
Fun With Uncle Pat
Fun With Uncle Pat
Happy Together
Happy Together
1 / 12
At a Baseball Game
At a Baseball Game
2 / 12
Fishing With Friends
Fishing With Friends
3 / 12
Finishing a Race
Finishing a Race
4 / 12
A Night Out in the City
A Night Out in the City
5 / 12
Kat With Friends
Kat With Friends
6 / 12
Snow Day
Snow Day
7 / 12
Snuggling Our Cat, Bounty
Snuggling Our Cat, Bounty
8 / 12
Dinner With Family
Dinner With Family
9 / 12
We Love to Travel & Explore New Places
We Love to Travel & Explore New Places
10 / 12
Walking by the Water
Walking by the Water
11 / 12
Fun With Uncle Pat
Fun With Uncle Pat
12 / 12
Happy Together
Happy Together

Our House and Neighborhood

Our Living Room

Our home is in the "Little Italy" of Boston, the North End. We have a two-bedroom apartment that sits just across the street from Boston Harbor. One of the things we love most about our home is our balcony patio. We will sit outside in the evening and watch the sunset while we eat dinner. We have a large living room space that's attached to our kitchen where we spend A LOT of time! Our landlord, Rocco, own's the restaurant that's on the first floor of our building. He has a deep connection to the neighborhood as his parents immigrated to Italy and moved to the North End. There are only four apartments in the building so it's always quiet and everyone watches out for each other.

What makes this neighborhood special are the number of fun activities that are all within walking distance from our home. The public pool is right across the street along with a large park with baseball fields and basketball courts. The aquarium is only a 10-minute walk. Boston is a city steeped in history. Old neighborhoods like the North End, Beacon Hill, and Charlestown are all within walking distance of our home. We also have a school right around the corner with a playground. Every summer there are festivals every few weekends where a street is closed off and bands will come play, there are activities for kids and families. We love our neighborhood!

Our Extended Families

Family Fun

We are both really blessed with wonderful families. Both of us were born in Cleveland where Kat's parents still live. We go there fairly often and spend time with Kat's family, especially when Kat's sister comes to town from her home in Ecuador where she lives with our two nieces, Lulu and Sami. We love having family game nights where the whole family joins in.

Pat With Nieces & Nephews

We are really lucky to have Pat's twin brother living in Boston! They've basically been inseparable since childhood and having him around as support is a huge blessing. Pat's family lives in Houston and we get to visit them about once a year. They are very chill and when we visit it's mainly being together watching sports, eating, and talking. Pat's brother-in-law, Tom, is a huge sports fan, just like Pat, and whenever we visit, golf is on the agenda. Tom never had a brother growing up so getting to hang out with Pat and his twin brother is a special thing.

Both of our families are so excited to support us in our journey to extend our family. We are excited and hopeful to bring a child into our loving families!

From Us to You

We were introduced by a friend when we were 19 years old and it was truly young love. After dating for a few years, we decided to move to different places and grew into the people we now are. After seven years of living apart, and thinking of each other often, luck had it that we both were moving to Boston to pursue new opportunities. It immediately became apparent that the world had plans for us and we soon began our journey of building our lives together and got married in 2015.

Kat has worked in education for the past 15 years. During this time she has taught, Kindergarten, 1st grade, 5th grade and has been an Assistant Principal. Currently, Kat is working as the Director of Interventions at a K-7 school in East Boston working with students who need more support academically. Kat loves being with kids while also supporting teachers in creating academic programs that best meet the needs of all students. Kat loves her students so much as has developed relationships with families and students that have lasted beyond the years she has worked with them. There is actually one student that she has known since he was in 1st grade who came to visit her in her hometown of Cleveland and he, his mom, and Kat were able to spend some quality time sightseeing. He is now 17 and they still frequently talk. Kat truly loves the kids she works with.

Pat started a small business, a video production company, with his best friend from high school. Ironically, it's the same friend that introduced us back when we were teenagers! The business has been very successful, just recently celebrating its tenth-year anniversary. He meets new people every day and travels all over for projects, sometimes even abroad! He's had the chance to work with accomplished sports figures like Lewis Hamilton (F1 Racing) and Brad Marchand (NHL) and also entertainment personalities Nick Lachey (98 Degrees) and Maria Menounos. Although it can be very hard work, Pat feels lucky every single day that he's able to have a career that he really loves.

We are so hopeful to grow our family and provide your child with a loving and caring home. We are committed to telling your child the story of their journey to us and your incredibly important role in our lives. We are so grateful for the role you will play, whatever you chose that role to be. You are important to us and always will be. We are happy to share stories, pictures, videos, and document all of the important milestones of your child's life. We are also happy to make arrangements for visits whenever you feel like the time is right. We are so excited to get to know you and work to maintain a strong, healthy, happy relationship. We know this is an incredibly hard decision, and we respect you so much for making a choice that is right for you. Our home is built on love, honesty, and respect and we are excited and committed to teaching those values to every child that comes into our family.


Pat & Kat


Tom Hanks - every movie he's in is amazing
Denzel Washington
Jessica Chastain - Zero Dark Thirty and Molly's Game (one of my favorite movies)
I can't think of a specific actress that is my favorite, but I do like Viola Davis and Kate Winslet
Cats - we have a pet cat Bounty who is the most loving animal I've ever known.
Stephen King - I have read almost all of his books - he's so descriptive and funny too!
Elizabeth Peters-she has these great mysteries that take place in Egypt and I love Egypt
Harry Potter Series - my favorite was The Goblet of Fire
Harry Potter series
Candy Bar
Baby Ruth
I have a lot of allergies so I don't really have a favorite candy bar
South Park - they've been so good for so long!
South Park's pretty funny
Childhood Memory
Going to the Outer Banks with my family in the summers
playing baseball with my friends in the neighborhood
Childhood Toy
Legos = my brother and I would weekend afternoons building little worlds
Children's Book
The Giving Tree
Elephant and Piggie series
New York - Kat and I visit a few times a year, there's always something new and exciting to do, even at 2am!
New York City - I lived there for a while and I love how there are so many neighborhoods and lots of different people
Classic Movie
The Sting - such a great heist movie!
It's a Wonderful Life
Day of Week
Saturday - finally get to spend more time with Kat :)
Friday - it's the start of the weekend!
Apple Pie - yum
Apple crisp
Disney Movie
Aladdin - I used to play all the songs on the piano as a kid, was obsessed lol
Dream Car
Tesla - would love the self driving feature, so cool!
I'm not too into cars
Dream Job
My current job - owning a video production company :)
Teacher -basically what I do now!
Dream Vacation
Austria and Switzerland - seeing the countryside there, its so beautiful
Trip to Egypt to see the pyramids - I love history
Family Activity
Going to a baseball game - all the people, hot dogs, popcorn, such good memories
Flower / Plant
I guess the roses I send my wife for valentines day? I don't really have a preference myself
Aloe plants probably...
Any Asian food - I just love the flavors - a little spicy, some ginger, so good!
french fries
Form of Exercise
Biking because I HATE running.
running- I love to run
I like lots of fruits
Codenames - its really fun playing with family and friends
Codenames - we play with my family and friends a lot
Photography - Whenever Kat and I travel I'm always taking photos, its such a great way to remember our trips together
Reading and hanging out with family and friends
Christmas - Snow, Christmas trees, presents, fires... it's a very nostalgic time
Holiday Song
LOL Mariah Carey - All I Want for Christmas
All I Want For Christmas is You by Mariah Carey
Holiday Tradition
Putting up our Christmas Tree - The soft glow of the lights in our family room at night is perfect
Eating...I love food:)
Ice Cream
Cookies and Cream
I'm allergic, but I do like some coconut based ice creams
Junk Food
Potato Chips - I can eat a whole bag
Leisure Activity
Golf with my buddies - this is so fun and a great way to relax
Hanging out with friends
American Cinematographer - its a magazine for people in the film business. They talk about how movies are made and you can see all the latest gear. Its super nerdy but awesome
Memory with a Child
Teaching my niece Lucia how to do raspberries when she was 2. She did it whenever she saw me for the next couple years, it was so cute.
Teaching my students how to read. Holding my niece for the first time
Memory with Spouse
Our honeymoon, we went to London and Rome. We went to this little wine cellar bar that was literally carved into the stone underneath the street. It was really more of a cave. You would buy half a bottle of wine and go sit in this old wood chairs and old
Traveling with him in London
Braveheart. So epic.
A League of Their Own - I grew up playing baseball and loved seeing women playing baseball
Movie Munchie
Popcorn of course
Movie Quote
"You can take our lives, but you'll never take our FREEEDOOOOOM!"
Movie Type
Big epic dramas
Musical Group
Led Zeppelin
Counting Crows
Nursery Rhyme
Don't really have one
Olympic Event
I'll watch a lot of the swimming
Personal Hero
My Dad, he's been through a lot in his life, especially his alcoholism. He's always been a great father and he's recently entered rehab to get sober. Its been an inspiration to the family and we're supporting him in every way we can.
My mom
Don't really read much poetry
Nikki Grimes
Quality about my Spouse
I love how Kate cares deeply for others - she always thinks of other people first and inspires me to do the same
Loving and thoughtful
"Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you're right." - Henry Ford
Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.
Myers and Chang - its an Asian fusion restaurant in Boston - we go there maybe too much
Toro -it has Spanish tapas which I love. I love getting lots of little dishes
Good ol Italian Sub
Hummus and vegetables
"Do to others as you would have them do to you. " Luke 6:31
Shopping Store
B&H Photo Video in NYC - its a camera/electronics smorgasbord!
Good Times, Bad Times - Zeppelin
When You Come Back Down by Nickle was our first dance song
Sport to Play
Golf - its the only one I can play well-ish :)
Baseball-I played for a long time as a child
Sport to Watch
Football - go Browns!
Sports Star
Nick Chubb - he's a beast!
Kenny Lofton
Sports Team
Cleveland Browns
The Cleveland Guardians
Subject in School
Music - wasn't all that good in school, I did okay but really excelled in the arts.
Deadpool. Hilarious.
Captain Marvel
Thing to Cook
Making homemade pasta with Kat
Tofu stir fry and lots of veggies:) I love to cook
Time of Day
Early morning - being in Boston we get to see the sunrise over the ocean every morning, its amazing.
Dinner time (yum yum)
Making Thanksgiving dinner - its always HUGE, so much food
Putting up the Christmas tree
TV Show
Psych - so funny
TV Show Character
Monk - so funny - USA network shows are lit!
Type of Music
Rock (Radiohead, War on Drugs, Tame Impala etc) Jambands (Phish, Dave Matthews)
Hip hop, alternative,
Vacation Spot
Italy, Kat and I have been there a few times and the food and wine is so good and the scenery is incredible
Anywhere I can learn about history -Europe, South American. I really want to go to Japan as well!
Video Game
Call of Duty - I still buy it every year, its fun, aaaaaaand I'm pretty good :)

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