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5 Things to Consider When Coping with Unplanned Pregnancy in Arkansas

An unplanned pregnancy can make you feel like you no longer have control over your life, but you do. You may feel alone, but nearly half of all pregnancies in the U.S are unplanned — you are not alone.

Making an immediate decision about your unplanned pregnancy may not be the best idea. You are likely experiencing strong emotions that make it difficult to think clearly. Unplanned pregnancy is a difficult situation to deal with, but knowing that there is hope for reclaiming your life in an unplanned pregnancy in Arkansas can make the difference in how you view your situation.

Consider the following five things that can help you when coping with an unplanned pregnancy in Arkansas:

  1. Your emotions are normal.

  2. Worrying is not helpful.

  3. Your pregnancy is real.

  4. Don’t dwell on judgment.

  5. Make a decision — you will be OK.

These things won’t suddenly make your unplanned pregnancy easy, but they can help you with coming to terms with unplanned pregnancy in Arkansas.

Let’s take a closer look at handling unwanted pregnancy advice in Arkansas. If you reach a point where you’re ready to speak with an adoption professional, you can call 1-800-ADOPTION at any time.

1. Emotionally Dealing with Unwanted Pregnancy in Arkansas

You will likely feel strong emotions when you get an unexpected positive pregnancy test, and that’s OK. It is likely that pregnancy was the last thing on your mind before you found out you’re pregnant. This may be followed by fear, sadness and even anger when emotionally dealing with unwanted pregnancy in Arkansas.

Finding Joy in an Unplanned Pregnancy in Arkansas

Accept your emotions and allow yourself to feel them. It’s normal and healthy to express your emotions when dealing with unexpected pregnancy in Arkansas. But, remember to be compassionate with yourself. Self-compassion can mean the difference between being unhappy with unexpected pregnancy and embracing an unplanned pregnancy in Arkansas. Compassion can help you understand that your body has naturally done what it’s meant to do — you have created life. Even if your pregnancy is unwanted, you can still appreciate your pregnancy as a beautiful occurrence.

Managing Negative Emotions of an Unplanned Pregnancy

You don’t have to learn how to love an unwanted pregnancy in Arkansas or even how to get excited about an unplanned pregnancy in Arkansas. Trying to achieve love and excitement when you don’t feel those emotions for your pregnancy is unrealistic. Negative emotions are normal, but blaming others or projecting your anger toward others, like your baby’s father, is not healthy.

Keeping your emotions inside and trying to ignore them can add more stress to an already stressful situation. Severe depression and unexpected pregnancy in Arkansas may require you to seek help from a healthcare professional or a therapist. Excessive anger and sadness can mean that you are not coping with unplanned pregnancy.

Every woman facing unplanned pregnancy will need time to experience emotions and that can take days, weeks or months. Allow yourself to cry, feel disappointment and anger, or even laugh. This can clear the fog and numbness in your mind so that you can move on to your next steps in handling unwanted pregnancy in Arkansas.

2. How to Stop Worrying about Unwanted Pregnancy in Arkansas

Your thoughts may be racing as you think about how to handle unwanted pregnancy in Arkansas. You may be worrying about dealing with the stigma of an unplanned pregnancy in Arkansas, wondering about getting over an unexpected pregnancy or how to manage unplanned pregnancy. Taking action can help you stop worrying about your unplanned pregnancy.

Taking Action for Your Unplanned Pregnancy [Alleviate Worry]

Getting unplanned pregnancy support is one way of how to stop worrying about unwanted pregnancy in Arkansas. Unplanned pregnancy support groups generally include other pregnant women and women who experienced unplanned pregnancy in the past. You can find these groups in your community at local religious centers or through women’s assistance programs.

There are even online forums and websites dedicated to providing information on how to handle unwanted pregnancy advice in Arkansas, but advice from these forums should be taken with a grain of salt. Keep in mind that some of the participants in open unplanned pregnancy forums will have strong opinions about your pregnancy options, but don’t allow them to convince you to do something that you don’t want to do.

Unplanned pregnancy counseling is another way for you to take action against worry, and this option is much more trustworthy than forums and message boards online. An unplanned pregnancy counselor could be your best resource for coping with unwanted pregnancy in Arkansas and how to deal with an unplanned or unwanted pregnancy in Arkansas. You will need to consider how often you would like to work with your counselor and how much you are willing to pay for the counseling service.

3. Embracing an Unplanned Pregnancy in Arkansas

Some women are burdened with regret and denial when experiencing an unplanned pregnancy. One of the most effective ways to move away from denial and toward embracing an unplanned pregnancy in Arkansas is to accept the facts of your pregnancy. Here are four good ways to face the facts of your pregnancy:

  • Keep a copy of your pregnancy test from your doctor’s office.

  • Get ultrasound images from your prenatal visits.

  • Write in a pregnancy journal to document your experience.

  • Track the progress of your pregnancy through fetal measurement comparisons and abdominal size.

You can get the facts that you need for prenatal care and keeping yourself and your baby healthy. Accepting an unplanned pregnancy means that you are taking control of your life during pregnancy and accepting responsibility for your pregnancy.

Embracing an unplanned pregnancy in Arkansas does not mean that you want to be pregnant, it means that you know you’re pregnant. Even if your first reaction to unplanned pregnancy is regret, it is important for you to know that your pregnancy is real. Regret and denial can keep you from embracing your unplanned pregnancy for weeks or months. You don’t want to lose that time that you need for dealing with unplanned pregnancy in Arkansas.

4. How to Handle People Judging Your Unexpected Pregnancy in Arkansas

Dealing with the stigma of an unplanned pregnancy in Arkansas can be difficult at times. People can say harsh and judgmental things to you when they learn about your unplanned pregnancy. But, if you can face your own judgmental opinions and thoughts about unplanned pregnancy then you can deal with the judgment and stigmas placed on you by others.

Educating yourself about an unplanned pregnancy can make it easier for you to educate others who hold stigmas and are judgmental of your unplanned pregnancy. You may not be able to change people’s minds, but your knowledge is important in how to feel better about an unplanned pregnancy in Arkansas.

Remember, stigmas and judgments are just negative opinions. Listening to those negative opinions aren’t useful ways to deal with unwanted pregnancy in Arkansas. If people are judging you or stigmatizing you because of your unplanned pregnancy, then they may not want to listen when you try to educate them. You always have the right to walk away from the situation.

5. How to Overcome Unwanted Pregnancy in Arkansas

As you are getting over an unexpected pregnancy in Arkansas, you may be ready to consider your pregnancy options. Once you make a decision about your unplanned pregnancy, you will be OK. The decision may not be easy, but reviewing and choosing a pregnancy option is a good way of how to overcome unwanted pregnancy in Arkansas.

Let’s consider your three unplanned pregnancy options — parenting, adoption or abortion.

Parenting Could Be Your Unplanned Pregnancy Blessing in Disguise in Arkansas

If you have dreamed of being a parent, then this may be your unplanned pregnancy turned happy. Your pregnancy may not have come at the right time in your life. But, after coming to terms with unplanned pregnancy in Arkansas, you may find that you want to parent your child.

Your reason for accepting an unplanned pregnancy may be having a partner, family, and/or friends as a support system that will help you parent your child. Some women find that, with support, they can balance their work and education goals through their unplanned pregnancy blessing in disguise in Arkansas.

Reclaiming Your Life in an Unplanned Pregnancy in Arkansas through Adoption

If parenting or abortion are not the best ways to deal with unwanted pregnancy for you, then adoption may be your best option. You can choose adoption at any time during your pregnancy, which means that adoption is available to you even if you are still emotionally dealing with unwanted pregnancy in Arkansas.

When you contact an adoption agency, like American Adoptions, you will be connected with an adoption specialist who can help you with handling unwanted pregnancy advice. Many women who choose adoption benefit from knowing that their child is in a safe and loving home with a family that they chose. Financial freedom through adoption can help you while coping with unwanted pregnancy in Arkansas by allowing you to focus on your future.

You can call us at 1-800-ADOPTION today to get adoption counseling or to begin the adoption process. To get more free adoption information, contact us online at any time.

Abortion as Coping with Unplanned Pregnancy in Arkansas

Dealing with unwanted pregnancy in Arkansas may mean that you decide to choose abortion. Some women find that not coping with unplanned pregnancy is best for them.

  • You may choose not to carry a pregnancy to term because pregnancy causes physical changes and can be limiting in certain daily routines.

  • If you are not comfortable with experiencing the process of labor and delivery, or the surgical intervention of a C-section, you can choose to terminate your pregnancy.

  • You have the right to terminate your pregnancy if you believe that it will help you heal from the traumatic experience of rape and/or incest.

Think about what you want for your life after unexpected pregnancy in Arkansas. Maybe you want to continue your education, start a new career or move into your own place. How will your plans change or be affected if you choose to be a parent to your child? Can you provide the things that you want your child to have? If you want to discuss the best possible future for yourself and your child, you can call us at 1-800-ADOPTION to discuss your unplanned pregnancy options today.

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